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Ok so as I stepped outside this morning it was very obvious summer is long gone and Autumn is well and truly here! Personally I’m thrilled because Autumn is my favourite season (and not just because it’s my birthday) but with Autumn days come chillier, harsher weather and a fading tan is replaced with dry sensitive skin with a serious need of some glow injection. Luckily I’ve discovered some power players to up the anti on your daily glow without looking oily. For me, having combination skin I tend to get very oily by lunchtime and personally prefer a more satin finish to my foundation but that wont leave me looking like I’m desperate to find some sun.

Of course glow starts from within, the best way to get a glow that lasts is to pile those greens sky high on your plate, avoid alcohol if you can and make sure you’re drinking enough water (sadly coffee and juice do not count towards your daily intake so stick to the simple stuff) I also like to take a vitamin to help my overall health in the winter but if it contains vitamin B that going to help give your skin and nails a really good boost! I’ve got a separate post coming all about autumnal skincare and how to help your skin in the transitional weather but today is all about our war paint. When I’m working I like to use as few products as possible, just to keep things quick and simple and also for my skins benefit because I hate overloading it with product.

Ok so from the top I like to start with a pollution barrier primer that’s going to protect my skin, and the best primer I’ve ever used is this one from dermalogica. It’s the skin perfect primer and although it feels like a silicon based product which can be really clogging on the pores, this has got so many good nutrients in that turn my skin to velvet I can’t help but love it and it has a slight tint that means you could wear it on its own. I like to focus this only on the necessary areas like my t-zone, chin and forehead because I find thats where my skin needs the most help and my makeup rubs off the quickest.

Onto foundation, if I know I’m going to have a really long day and I need something high coverage thats going to last then I always use the revlon colour stay foundation for combination skin because this has such a healthy colour but does not budge. Seriously this foundation is spin class proof and I love it. When it comes to day to day foundation I try not to spend too much money just because I get through it so quickly I don’t find I get the value from a really expensive foundation. The other foundation I love for maximum glow without the shine is the L’Oreal match perfection foundation, it comes in dozens of colours and if you put the bottle to the light you’ll notice that there is a slightly holographic, glittery type sheen running through it and it did concern me at first but once its applied all it does is look super healthy and bright in a good way.

Another Autumn favourite is the Bare Minerals Complexion rescue, I wouldn’t necessarily class this as a foundation but more of a tinted moisturiser but it is so light on your face and without a doubt the most hydrating base I’ve ever used. I tend to reach for this at the weekends when I want a little something without going full coverage foundation. I will say the more you blend this the less coverage you’ll have so I tend to use a beauty blender or a flat top brush and pat it into my face rather than buffing as I find I just end up looking a little greasy if I work it in too much. Great for a hungover Sunday face or if you just fancy something extra hydrating and dewy.

This palette from Pixi is the perfect all in one product, I use a big fluffy brush to run some of the bronzer though my cheek bones and over my forehead to warm up my face and then mix the two blush colours (I think the colour on the far end is supposed to be a highlight but because I’m naturally quite pale this acts as a blush on me) and for me my favourite way to get the glow in Autumn and winter is blush. I love the look of flushed cheeks and like to concentrate the products on the apples of my cheeks and sweep it slightly in towards my nose for the most natural look. If you’ve read my last makeup post you’ll know this summer I fell in love with my Dior rosy glow blush but now that I’m not as tanned I like to switch things up and my go-to winter blush hasn’t changed for the past two years and its the hourglass ambient lighting blush in mood exposure. I remember wanting one of these blushes for so long and they are very expensive, but I’ve used mine almost daily for two years and have only just hit the bottom, I’ll definitely go back for another one of these because this colour especially is just stunning! It’s almost got a lilac undertone to it but it brings so much life to my face and looks great on everyone, my best friend Jazz also uses these and she’s a chocolatey brunette, so if it can work on both of us you know its winner! Once I’ve used this up I may try another colour just to switch things up, theres a shade for everyone.

I’m not fussy on what powders I use and normally just take a dense powder brush and pat powder under my eyes, along my jaw bone and down my nose, leaving my freshly blushed cheeks and forehead alone. Purely for keeping my makeup in place, I really do notice a difference when I wear a decent powder, I like to wear translucent so it doesn’t interfere with my foundation. That’s all I change for a golden hour inspired glow, add a swipe of my well loved petal tinted lip balm from fresh beauty and I’m out the door! The skincare version of this post is coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled! x


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