The £25 wonder dress

With so much change happening these last few months, I’ve really been loving coming back to the blog as something that feels familiar. Something I don’t want to feel too familiar though is my content. Writing about beauty is something I’ve always loved to do but with my new job featuring a lot of fashion related content I’m trying to immerse myself more in not only the fashion industry but I’m having fun playing with my own style as well. A little background on me is that I have a fear of dressing older than I am, I’m only 23 but prefer to buy and wear clothes that are more classic tailoring rather than seasonal trends, and that can sometimes leave me feeling a little boring and its something I juggle all the time. This dress fit right into my grey area of something I wasn’t sure wether it would look really flattering or leave me feeling a bit frumpy but when I brought it home, I popped it on with some boots and tights I knew it would be a keeper. An unusual fabric it’s comfy and stretchy like cotton but has the feeling of something much silkier, it doesn’t bunch up in places it shouldn’t and considering the winter we’ve been told is coming I feel like investing in outfits with a little more fabric than usual is something I’ll thank myself for very soon.

This beauty is from H&M and was £25 on the dot. Considering how versatile this is I think it’s a steal and the animal print keeps it perfect for this season. I can’t see myself wearing this with flats just because of the length I think its so much more flattering with a little more height, so a heeled ankle boot is perfect. A great option for a big meeting at work, or a Christmas party with the family. Even pop on a cropped black jumper and some layered necklaces for a more casual weekend look.

I wore this with a silk cami underneath to keep things work appropriate but I think this could beautifully be styled with bare legs and heeled sandals without the cami underneath for a date night look once the weather warms up in spring. For now I love how this looks with black tights and if/when we get snow I’ll swap the tights out for a thicker legging to keep warm.

Something that has always been a non negotiable for me if I’m going to wear an outfit to work is that it’s ‘secure’ I mean this in a, will I have to worry about wriggling my skirt down in meetings, or does this shirt have a rouge button that comes undone on its own. Personally I think there is absolutely no point wearing a dress to work just because it looks good if it means you spend half your day stressing about it and don’t actually do your job, not worth the stress. So this dress I know I can trust, its not see through anywhere or too low cut or too short, but its professional, looks like I’ve made more of an effort than I have and because of the print it still manages to show a little personality. The beauty of this being monochrome is that it’s still understated and I’d consider it a neutral, wearing a midi length actual leopard print dress is a little too loud for my usual style.

So there we have it, an entire outfit for work that’s super versatile and it’s only £25. This may only last me this winter/spring but for that price I’m kind of ok with that, perfect dressed up with heels and a wool coat or dressed down with trainers and a cropped jumper, either way a great piece for 2018 and something I can see myself reaching for as the festive season approaches.


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