Exploring Notting Hill

So I found myself with a Monday to spare in central London and decided to explore the neighbourhoods around my job, having never really been to Notting Hill before (and with a rumbling tummy crying out for scrambled eggs) it seemed like the perfect fit! Being the first of October the weather was unusually cold, giving me an excuse to break out my new teddy bear bomber jacket which I was thrilled about and I took a wander through the streets of Westminster towards Notting Hill, no need for a map – once I was there, I knew! Beautiful florists and cafes everywhere and the trademark townhouses lined the side streets. With the Autumn light peeping through the trees and very few other people out and about it did feel like I’d stumbled into some kind of old English village in the middle of London.

I was under strict instructions that if I was in Notting Hill and wanted eggs and coffee there was only one place to go, so after a wandering lap around the block (secretly I just didn’t want to turn off my playlist) I found myself outside Granger & Co, which was unsurprisingly busy for a Monday morning. Having been so captivated by how beautiful the area looked in the sunlight, I zipped up my teddy coat and braved a table outside, much calmer than the hubbub of inside and a great spot for people watching!

Ok so we need to discuss the eggs. The finest eggs I’ve ever had outside of my parents kitchen, so silky and buttery I would have eaten an entire platter full of them, and the sourdough toast was just the icing on the cake. Paired with a coffee it was exactly what I was after when I woke up that morning hungry for eggs. I did spot the ricotta pancakes on the menu and will definitely be returning to try those! I can’t rave about the eggs enough they were that good, I am planning on calling the friend that recommended it and asking why we have not been sooner! A gem of a breakfast place. Expect queues, come for the reputation of infamous Granger & Co but stay for those eggs! I’ve pencilled this is for many a brunch to come and the beauty of it is that I think it’d be perfect for visiting parents or a brunch with friends to cure the night before.

I didn’t realise until it was over but other than to take these photos, my phone spent nearly a good hour, tucked away in my bag! I can’t remember the last time I ate a meal without either someone to chat to or a phone to scroll through and it was so therapeutic to just enjoy my breakfast alone with my thoughts and the passers by and I’d highly recommend it for the next time you’re feeling burnt out or stressed.

After breakfast, and wrapped in my new favourite teddy fur jacket feeling suitably stuffed (excuse the pun) I decided to walk through Kensington Palace garden heading back towards the rush of regent street and it felt like a very special way to spend my first ‘proper’ day in London. I’ve always wanted to run the London Parks Half Marathon and seeing so many cyclists and runners out and about was definitely motivating, however at least for now I think I’ll stick to walking through the parks in a breakfast coma instead. x

ps. if you’re looking to add a teddy coat to your autumn wardrobe (and if not, why not?) then this is the one I have


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