The graduate guide to home decor

Ok so you’ve graduated, congrats you clever thing, you’re looking to move out of home or from your student halls and find a place of your own. You’ve found the flatmate, you’ve narrowed down your apartment choices and you’re already thinking about the decor * I know I definitely was* The idea of leaving your student things behind and moving into your new flat is enough to inspire many a Pinterest board. Sadly although you’re now a graduate you might not have the money to start investing in a high-quality piece that can often be a lot more expensive, I’ve found some great shops that I go to as staples to pick up necessary things for my flat.

TK Maxx / Home Sense

It’s hardly a well-kept secret that TK Maxx and Home Sense sell the most beautiful, quirky, not one-off but feels like one-off pieces that are super affordable. I’ve found lots of glasses, candles, towels, and storage in there that always feels like a real find. My advice in here though is that if you find something you like you should absolutely buy it then and there because the odds are you won’t find it again. I bought the cutest sugar pot in Home Sense back in October and then decided I’d like the tea and coffee pots that matched and it took me months of trying to find them, however now I have I’m completely obsessed with them.

Good for – cheap, quirky items that are cute for decoration

Avoid if – you’re looking for something specific or more than one of the same item

George at ASDA

Bizarrely not the first place I imagine most people would think to look for homeware but for the last few years I’ve been a fan of ASDA’s bedding, it’s not too expensive and is good quality fabric in nice designs and for me, it does the job. They change-over their stock quite regularly so it’s good for finding unique bed sheets. I have some from here that is a soft brushed cotton and they are the coziest thing and feel so warm when you get into bed. I’ve only ever bought their bedding but from their website, they also have really well-priced home-ware like cushions and kitchen basics.