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One of the most popular skincare brands on the highstreet, undoubtedly the best “own brand’ skincare out there and we’ve all probably used it at some point. Today’s post is all about No7 Skincare, the highs, the lows and all the bits in between. When I was 17 I worked part time on the No7 counter and so learnt quite a lot about the products and there are some real gems in their ranges that for me anyway outperform any high end alternative. 

No7 as I mentioned are owned by Boots and you can only find their products exclusively in a Boots store. The way the brand is organised is that there are different ranges for different ages and skin types. I think this is such a clever way to allow customers to navigate the many different product types that come under the umbrella “skincare”, by sorting products by range it’s easier to pick which products are most suitable for your skin type and you won’t end up wasting money on products that are completely unsuitable for you. I’ve tried so many different No7 products and thought today I’d give you a quick mini-review of some of my stand out winning products. 

Cleansing Balm 

Fun fact, this was the first product I ever went back to repurchase. This oil/gel based cleanser is amazing at removing makeup, I apply it to a dry face massaging into all my makeup (yes including my eyes) and then when you add water you get a love milky cleansing lotion. Perfect as a first step cleanse, I’ve gone through too many of these to count and can rely on it as a fail safe product if I just want to get my makeup off in a hurry without having to faff with micellar waters and cotton pads. 

Cleansing Oil 

This is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a one step cleanser, again I use it on top of makeup to remove everything, only difference with this is that it does leave behind some residue (not a bad thing, leaves my face clean and nicely prepped for second cleanse) and naturally being an oil it’s a lot messier than the balm. I don’t use this product on my eyes because I do think it stings once mixed with water, but if you’ve never tried a cleaning oil before and want. a fairly basic, inexpensive product to dip your toe into the world of cleansing oils then you can’t go too far wrong. I nearly always have a bottle of this on the go in my bathroom cupboard and kind of don’t see the point in paying for something more expensive when this one does the job so brilliantly. 

Deep Hydration Mask 

I have a love hate relationship with this product but I think the hate part is down to my own skin rather than the product which is why it’s been included. You can faintly see in the photo above that the product is made up of two components that swirl in the bottle and come out together as a almost foam/gel consistency. Very cooling on the face this mask has a whipped texture once applied, the first few months of using this I was obsessed and it left my skin feeling so soft and glowy I couldn’t get enough. Then once the weather got warmer I think my skin obviously changed some how and when I applied this I instantly had a tingling/burning sensation and removed it straight away. It was really strange and I’ve used it with caution ever since, BUT considering I know lots of other people who know and love this, I’d put that down to my own personal experience rather than the product itself. Apply a thick layer and if you want you can rub the mask between your fingers to mix the two parts before applying to your face, I wouldn’t recommend sleeping in this one because I found it doesn’t sink all the way in so it can get a little messy. 

Pore Purifying Cleanser 

I won’t lie I bought this product because I liked the idea of the built in brush component, but the actual cleanser was the part that surprised me. Its just a simple gel formula that doesn’t foam at all, but it’s actually does tingle on your skin. The same feeling that toothpaste gives your teeth that’s what this cleanser does for your face (it’s a strange analogy I know but go with it) The cleanse does’t do anything out of the ordinary but my skin definitely feels cleaner after using it. The built in brush is a bit tough on the skin so I’d recommend using quite a bit of the cleanser and being gentle, a little goes a long way here. 

Overnight Radiance Boost Serum 

I’m including this last because it comes with a small disclaimer that the last time I checked this serum wasn’t available anymore, but I think you may still be able to find it online. I wanted to include it anyway in case No7 re-release it, this is a rich serum that packs a punch. I did get through it quite fast but the results were great, my skin looked brighter and felt softer within a couple of days of using this. I only used this at night and stuck to just moisturiser during the day but I bought a backup of this online just in case they never bring it back because it’s a great product that’s not packed with dozens of unnecessary ingredients but that definitely brings results. 




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