Driving home for Christmas: Packing Guide

With most of us officially turning on our out of office, it’s officially Christmas! This weekend will be a busy one of travelling, trains, planes and all sorts of automobiles will get packed up ready to make the yearly pilgrimage to see family. I find I pack for this trip like no other, less formal outfits and a lot more emphasis on pyjamas and pamper products! I’ve put together a quick packing guide of everything you may need for a week at home with the family, celebrating in style!


Ok so starting with the basics let’s talk luggage. I’m quite picky when it comes to my luggage because there’s nothing more annoying that navigating the tubes with a suitcase that’s unwilling to cooperate. My picks this year is this suitcase from American Tourister* which is soft on all sides but that makes it perfect for stuffing in those last few presents, but it’s got handles in all the handy places, including one on the bottom so if you’re trying to lift it, it’s made really secure and easy to do. The thing I love most about this suitcase is the wheels, it’s got 4 not 2 which means I don’t have to drag anything it just glides beside me, and these wheels are high enough off the floor and big enough that it tackles the cobbled streets of London with ease. This makes such a big difference when you’re in a hurry and make your way home on the train like me. The other piece of luggage I’ll be using it my Columbus Duffle from MAHI leather, I’ve spoken about this bag before but it’s such a good classic staple piece I just know I’ll be using this for many a Christmas to come. It sits perfectly on top of my suitcase so no need to actually carry anything but is really handy if I know I’ll need to grab something (like an umbrella or an extra knitted layer) without having to crack open my suitcase in the middle of Euston station.

Ok so brace yourself here comes the packing list:

  • Jeans x2
    • x1 black
    • x1 blue
  • Staples
    • Plain white long-sleeved t-shirt (good under thick jumpers or for pairing with joggers round the house)
    • Favourite sweatshirt (mine is a Mickey Mouse one from DisneyLand in LA, very well loved and worn to death for all and every occasion)
    • Smart blouse x1 (something in a neutral colour that could be worn either with jeans or dressed up with a skirt and tights)
    • Tights (some thick knitted ones and some smarter dress tights)
    • Gloves
  • Knitwear x4
    • x1 smart thin knit
    • x1 thicker wool knit for chilly Christmas walks
    • x1 festive knit
    • x1 thick knit cardigan)
  • Skirts x2
    • x1 versatile pick *like a denim mini skirt
    • x1 statement pick *like a patterned midi skirt)
  • Dresses x3
    • x1 fancy NYE appropriate pick
    • x1 jumper dress
    • x1 floral long sleeved dress that can be dressed up or down
  • Pyjamas x roughly a million (I tend to pack as many pairs of pyjamas as my suitcase will allow since it’s Christmas you can guarantee I’ll be living in comfy clothes)
    • x1 something festive
    • x1 something for lounging in watching movies
    • x1 something for falling asleep in post-Christmas feast,
  • Shoes x3
    • x1 comfy trainers
    • x1 heeled boots
    • x1 fur lined leather Chelsea boots

Below I’ve tried to find everything (nearly everything) I packed for just over a week at home. The items aren’t all an exact match but they’re as close as I could find in style and colour, but it’ll give you an idea of how much to pack 

When it comes to packing for Christmas, I always try and pack a few pamper products and any books I’ve yet to read throughout the year because if you can’t relax and unwind at christmas when can you! I always pack my wrapping paper and tags and bows and wrap the majority of my gifts once I reach my destinatination.  Other travel home essentials are “The Holiday” downloaded on netflix, some dark chocolate raisins to munch on (latest obsession) and something cosy to wrap yourself up in to keep warm. Basically pack anything you need to put the emphasis on comfort and relaxation because that’s what christmas is all about!

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