Late Summer Beauty Essentials | feat. Fresh Beauty & Jurlique

Although I know a lot of people (partly me included) are holding on to the last few weeks of summer before we all turn into pumpkin spiced latte drinking, roll neck jumper wearing, autumn fiends, but having had such amazing weather I wanted to share a few gems I’ve been reaching for these past few weeks. I’ve been keeping my beauty routines pretty minimal and letting my skin breathe in the heat this summer, however discovered a few absolute gems that I know will be in my routine well into Autumn and Winter so I thought I’d put together a quick blog post to share them with you. 

Julique Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser 

A new release from one of my favourite brands Jurlique in August, they released a whole new range of cleansers, from oils to cream there is one for every skin type. Jurlique only use the most amazing ingredients so when I received this I was so excited, it’s very simular in texture to the Lancome mousse cleanser. A whipped velvety texture foams so beautifully on the skin and has a light exfoliating quality that leaves my skin glowing and soft but since I’ve got a tan from my holiday I’ve been trying to minimise how often I’m exfoliating to keep my tan as long as possible and since this cleanser is quite gentle it’s been perfect for doing just that. The willow tree extract in this is what’s going to lift all the dirt and impurities from your skin, lemon balm and liquorice are what’s going to strengthen your skin against pollutants so you retain your glow. Lastly of course Jurlique to me are the best at harnessing the power of rose in all forms and this cleansers cherry on top is the rose Gallic flower extract which is going to deeply hydrate the skin leaving it feeling balanced and restored. This range of new cleansers from Jurlique will have something for everyone so definitely have a good read of all their beautiful active ingredients to find the one that’s perfect for you. 

Dior Rosy Glow Blush 

So this is a pricey piece I picked up back in June has potential to be my favourite summer beauty product.. This colour adjusting blush has been on my Wishlist for so long and I am so glad I finally took the plunge because it’s stunning, Also I’m quite glad I waited to buy it because they’ve redone the packaging and I much prefer it now. Although this blush looks really bright and overwhelming in the pan it’s such a pretty natural colour on your face, it’s designed to work for all skin types to give that ‘I’ve just finished a light jog’ kinda glow and I’m all about it. When applying I like to take a big fluffy brush and bring it down my cheekbones and into the centre apples of my cheeks. In summer I’ve been taking my blush further in towards my nose for a beachy, sun kissed complexion – a little trick I picked up from watching the being the scenes videos of the makeup artists doing the Victorias Secret angels makeup ( I can’t be the only one desperate to replicate that glow) Definitely a splurge product but I don’t mind spending money on powder products like a blush or an eye shadow palette because they last so much longer and I have a feeling this is going to continue to be a firm favourite well into the winter. 

L’Oreal Extatic Paradise Mascara

A very recent favourite I packed with me to try on holiday last week, I’ve pretty much exclusively been a Maybelline Falsies fan for the past few years (other than the Marc Jacobs mascara which I love but was too pricey for an everyday purchase) So I ordered this from amazon of all places and have been seriously impressed, I think this is going to be one of those formulas I like more as it dries out a little but the brush is so nice! It’s a thick, reasonably large brush with bristles, gives amazing length and definition to my lashes. Only thing its missing is a little more volume, so if you have little lashes this may be one to avoid. Overall though I’m really impressed, but considering the hype I knew this would be a keeper.

Fresh Beauty Lip Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment

The best till last, this balm is out of this world amazing. Seriously. I’m not often a fan of tinted balms because I find they slip and leave my chin feeling greasy or they just don’t give the right amount of colour. This amazing lip treatment from Fresh is a complete game changer! The first thing I noticed about this balm is the texture, it’s so rich and nourishing it truly is a balm in the way we know a cleansing balm to be, rather than your standard lip balm – super rich, very smooth feeling and it doesn’t slip off my lips which is one of the main reasons I love this so much. The other reason being that the colour of this is my perfect ‘my lips but better’ colour, pink enough to brighten up my face but still nude enough to look very polished and put together, it’s the perfect combination of a lip butter and a lipstick. It is on the pricier side for a lip balm, but the metal packaging is so luxe feeling and the actual product formula itself is so special I have already looked into the other.colours to add to my makeup bag. These balms would make a gorgeous gift for the beauty lover, because although its small looking, they’ll no doubt find it’s one of those products you reach for everyday. I can’t wait to see how this tackles the end of September weather change that always makes my lips unbearably chapped. Fingers crossed! 


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