Dermalogica Skincare

I was lucky enough to work with influenster and dermalogica at the beginning of the year to trial and review their new daily superfoliant, along with some other goodies. For those of you who are regular readers, you’ll know my skin type is the combination and blemish prone. I don’t often experience any dryness since I started using an oil into my night routine. I was skeptical at first because the superfoliant is an activated charcoal powder, and my instinct was *messy* however, I was pleasantly surprised and having used it for 6 weeks I’m excited to bring you my review. 

I’ve been using the daily superfoliant, basically every day in my morning shower and I’ve been loving the results. To use you simply wet your skin, pour a 10p sized amount into your hand and massage into a lather on your face, you’ll find as I did that at first the scrub feels grittier but as you continue to scrub it turns into a velvety foam and feels very gentle on your face. 


Reasons I love this: 

  • it’s gentle enough to use every day 
  • no nasty chemicals 
  • good use of activated charcoal means any blemishes are kept at bay and my pores appear clearer and smaller without having to use a harsh acid or pumice based scrub. 
  • it leaves my face feeling so soft and clear, but doesn’t dry it out at all. 
  • when used in the shower there is zero mess

Now onto the other star product here, the skin smoothing cream, for those of you who don’t know dermalogica pride themselves on making your skin smoother and softer, that’s what they go for. I’ve been using this cream every morning after the superfoliant and I’m 100% sold. It looks fairly unassuming it’s just a white cream with no distinct smell however this feels super rich and luxurious to apply but doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily which for me is huge. I tend to find that I need to be quite careful with what cream and moisturizers I use in the morning because anything left on the surface tends to make my makeup slip right off by lunch. this however sinks in whilst I blow dry my hair and my skin is just left feeling bouncy and well nourished. 

I was also sent the pre-cleanse balm and their special cleansing gel to try, the pre-cleanse balm is really lovely very similar in texture to the Clinique take the day off balm which I know is widely loved and does the job at melting down makeup and turns into a milky cleanser when you add water. I really loved this product and appreciate how a little does go a long way. The special cleansing gel to me was nothing to rave about, it is a gentle gel cleanser that doesn’t foam or lather and left my skin feeling clean and not stripped but I like to have a little more oomph from my cleansers if you have sensitive skin though this could be a real winner for you.