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If you’ve been reading my skincare blog posts for a while you’ll know the history I’ve had with acne and how important it is to me to be super efficient when I’m cleansing. There are some truly incredible cleansers on the market but sometimes they need a little help, and that’s where facial  brushes like the PMD Clean comes in. I’ve used traditional facial brushes before, the ones with the brush heads that look like giant toothbrushes? When I had severe acne they really worked for me to make sure all traces of makeup were removed and my skin was super clean. 

A little bit more about PMD, they started with the original PMD device (or personal microderm device) is known world wide as an at-home alternative to a professional Microderm treatment, its helped thousands of people worldwide combat common skincare issues such as ageing, acne and hyper pigmentation. Since then they’ve developed two additional products, the PMD Clean and the PMD Kiss. What I love about this brand is that they focus on what your skincare results will do for you, they really help you focus on having brilliant confidence from your skin rather than just improving your skin which I think is a much healthier way to look at it. 

Starting with how I use it, personally for me I use this device as part of my second cleanse. Once I’ve removed all my makeup (first cleanse) I’ll then take a gel or foaming cleanser directly onto the brush and apply to wet skin. There’s no timer here but since the bristles are so soft you can time your cleanse based on your own face, with previous brushes I found it annoying when it shut off because I hadn’t finished. I like to start on my forehead, focusing on big circular motions. I like to use this in the shower and when I do the micro-bristles mean I can get right up into my hairline and get those areas that are normally missed with a manual cleanse.

I focus on 4 key zones on my face, forehead, each cheek and then my nose, upper lip area and chin. I find doing each section one by one helps to focus the cleaning power and I get the best results. Once I’ve cleansed my face I like to take the brush up my neck in big sweeping motions, making sure to always work product up the neck towards the face to help promote your skins natural elasticity. Personally I know I’m guilty of sweeping makeup down my neck and then not cleansing it off properly at night so this has really helped me get in a good habit that I’m sure my skin will thank me for. 

The kinds of cleansers that work best with this I find are cleansers that have a bit of a foam to them, my current favourite cleanser from Jurlique is gorgeous with this but I also noticed great results with a cream cleansing lotion although I apply those to a dry face so the brush doesn’t glide over the skin as nicely as when you use it with water. 

I bought my first face brush as a gift to myself when I was 15 or 16 and it was £50 which is a considerable investment, these PMD brushes are slightly more expensive coming in at the £80-90 mark however, I will say that I think this is going to last better than my previous brush, it’s a million times more hygienic because it’s made of silicone, you can use it in the shower and overall I’ve been blown away by the results of this compared to my last brush. Definitely something to ask for as a gift, but I’d say if you can afford it it’d make a really great “to me, love me” gift and would be a great investment. 


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