Pixi Makeup: Brand Roundup and Review

This year I’ve been lucky enough to work with some incredible brands, and one of the stand out brands for me has to be Pixi. Having tried a range of their skincare and makeup I wanted to put together a post all about their makeup. When it comes to my daily makeup, I try to keep things simple and natural looking, a satin finish foundation and a glowy pink cheek, some subtle eyeshadow and a liquid lip to keep things looking more polished. On all of these things Pixi hits it out of the park, their formulas are so buttery soft and apply so nicely and the colours I’ve tried compliment me so well, I find myself reaching for these products on a regular basis and can’t wait to expand my collection. Pixi is now available in boots, as well as on the Pixi website and for you London gals, I’d highly recommend heading down to their Carnaby Street store, the interiors are perfection and the girls inside could not be lovelier!

PixiGlow ‘Pink Champagne’ Face Palette – £24 

After receiving this palette in September it’s been my most reached for blush and bronzer. This palette is a sleek 3-in-1 coordinated palette gives the perfect flushed bronzed glow. I love using the bronzer to gently contour my face and because the colours work as an eyeshadow, when I went away in the summer this palette served so many uses. I’m not a massive highlighter fan so I tend to blend this with the blusher for a rosier glowy look.

Pixi Gossamer Highlight Duo – £20 

Ok so although I’ve just said I don’t use highlighter, what I mean is I really don’t like putting highlighter on the top of my cheekbones, I prefer to use my ring finger and pat these gorgeous shades either on the inner corner of my eyes, under my eyebrows or applied to my collar bones and shoulders with a big fluffy brush for a beautiful effect. These also look stunning when applied to the eye with a slightly wet eyeshadow brush.

Pixi FairyLights in Rose Gold and Champagne – £15 

Nothing says we’re celebrating like a glitter eye look, these are the smoothest creamiest liquid shadows I’ve ever used and look incredible to add some subtle sparkle. I’ve been loving putting a little of this in the centre of my eyelid on top of my eyeshadow. Gives the perfect amount of party and could even be worn during the day, or ya know lounging around the flat watching greys anatomy in your PJs, that works too.

Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip in Bare Beauty – £16 

I’m a huge fan of a matte liquid lip, they last all day and make me feel really put together. These ones from Pixi are so comfortable because they’re infused with rosehip oil, and don’t crack or feel tight. The petal-shaped applicator is so soft and hugs the lip perfectly. This is the colour Bare Beauty which is a pink/brown kinda colour and works as my everyday nude. I do reapply 2/3 times during the day but it wears off nicely and doesn’t leave weird patches like some do.

That’s a quick overview of the Pixi makeup I’ve tried so far, I’d highly recommend you try out their range because the packaging is fun, the colours are so flattering and almost all of their products are multi-use, making them perfect for travel. Over the course of 2018, I’ve been trying to downsize my beauty collection and only keep products in the rotation that I truly love and I can rely on for perfect results and these beauties from Pixi aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!


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  1. December 29, 2018 / 10:24 pm

    That highlight duo is beautiful. I didn’t know Pixi was in Boots (its been a while since I went into a big Boots store) but will definitely be looking out for these!

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