Brand Focus | Yes To Cucumbers!

This Thursday is national cucumber day! You might think, why would anyone celebrate national cucumber day? but if you knew how good they are for you and for your skin you’d definitely want to celebrate. The amazing team over at Yes To got in touch and asked if I’d want to trial some of their Yes To Cucumbers! range as part of the Cucumber Day celebrations and already being a huge fan of the Yes To face wipes it really was a no-brainer. 

So to fill you in on what Yes To stand for in their own words “We say Yes To innovative, natural, fun and efficacious beauty solutions from head to toe, free of the nasties and filled with the goodies.” their products are split by ingredient each focusing on a different skincare concern. So tomatoes are for blemish prone skin, grapefruit battles dullness and cucumbers is for sensitive skin. I’m a huge advocate for using gentle skincare, when I had horrendous acne 10 or so years ago, switching some ‘acne’ specialised products to super gentle sensitive skin care is actually what saved my skin. Plus this cucumber range is all vegan and organic which as you’ll know if you’ve read my vision posts in the past is really what I’m trying to focus on using exclusively this year. 

I was so kindly sent the biggest box of goodies from Yes To and my sister and I had the best afternoon getting stuck into a full skincare pamper routine. Starting with the micellar water to take off our makeup. I’m obsessed with this bottle, you just flip up the lid, take a cotton wool pad and push down and it applies the product straight onto the pad. Genius. It smells really fresh and gets my beloved waterproof mascara off with ease. The cucumber scent is so calming, it’s something I first noticed when I used this, lovely and cooling on the eyes and although there is some residue left it’s quickly absorbed and because these products are 95% natural ingredients anyway I feel like there’s no harm and god knows my under-eyes can use all the hydration they can get. 

Which is where these amazing masks and treatments come in, I was so pleasantly surprised at how many different types of masks the range has! Powder-to-clay masks, sheet masks, cream sleep masks, 2-step eye treatment packs, as you’ll see in the photo below I instantly went for the super-hero style green under-eye patches which were so cooling and really depuffed my under eye bags. I was far too excited to do this but normally I put my eye patches in the fridge to cool for a bit so if you’re going to use these I’d recommend it for maximum cooling results. Really looking forward to trying the other face masks, and I love the idea of buying a bunch of these and using them for a girls night in. I know my mum, sister and I will be planning that very soon. 

If you love the eye patches, which I’m sure you will, then Yes To also have a cooling eye gel in this range so you can feel the benefits morning and night. In the summer especially I think it makes sense to switch a heavy eye cream for a lighter more cooling gel, hotter nights and more long evenings spent in the local pub garden can leave you looking tired and puffy the next day. Each pump was actually really generous so I’ve just been using half a pump for both eyes and it’s so refreshing, it does feel a little tacky as it dries but I haven’t found it to be an issue at all. 

As you can see I was looking very lovingly at these cucumber wipes, I’ve relied on Yes To wipes for years, because they don’t burn, they’re full of good ingredients and just get the job done. I nearly always pick up a pack of these before a holiday or trip because although I much prefer micellar water on a day to day basis, lugging around a great big bottle and a packet of cotton pads can be such a faff! So these are much easier and are about as eco-friendly as makeup wipes can be, plus I love the packaging, it feels fun. I know I’m a sucker but I’m also a marketing graduate so I think it’s allowed! 

These wipes come in a pack of 30 or 10 and are so affordable, I think makeup wipes are one of those products that you get what you pay for and with Yes To! because so many of their products are full of natural ingredients you can be sure that it’s going to get the job done. They’re available in Boots and I’d highly recommend spending some time on their website because with so many different ‘flavours’ of wipes to choose from you want to make sure you’re getting the ones that are best for your skin type. 

On the cleaning side of their product range Yes To! have some gorgeous but gentle products for all you sensitive-skinned babes. My favourite is the calming clay mask, its a reasonably runny pale grey mask that’s packed full of cucumber extract to soothe and nourish sensitive skin. I’d say this is perfect for ‘bad skin’ days when your skin just feels overwhelmed and it seems like no product will help, apply this all over and let it sooth and calm your skin. It doesn’t feel chalky on the skin as it dries which I love and left my skin feel balanced and soft after. Fun tip – I always leave an old foundation brush in my toothbrush pot to apply my face masks with because it’s less messy than using your fingers and. I find I waste less product which is always a bonus. 

The cleanser is such a good everyday staple, it looks like a relatively standard gel cleanser but the cucumber extract is so cooling and it feels really velvety on the skin. It gently lifts impurities whilst soothing to leave your skin gently cleansed without irritating. Skincare routines can become so complex these days that it’s nice to strip things back and have a good reliable, non-irritating cleanser to rely on and that’s what I like this for. Would highly recommend if you have acne prone or sensitive skin. 

So there’s my ode to cucumber extract featuring Yes To!’s cucumber range, which I would highly recommend, regardless of your skin type I think we could all do with reaching for something a little more sensitive every now and then. Which of these products do you think you’ll try? My favourites have to be the calming clay mask and the cucumber wipes, amazing quality everyday staples with adorable packaging but without the gross price tag, not to mention how good they are as a company at giving back to the environment and sourcing their ingredients as best as they can, I 100% applaud any beauty company who are trying to be greener and with the majority of the Yes To product range being certified vegan it’s easy to do your part to.