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With a rare weekend free in London, my boyfriend and I spent the Saturday shopping, eating and relaxing. As if the Saturday wasnt enough, I awoke on the Sunday with a need for pancakes (when it comes to pancakes it’s always a need not a want) so we threw on somthing warm and suitably snuggly and headed out in search of a certain plate of pancakes with a hefty reputation…

Of course it had to be Granger and Co, you may remember a few months ago I spent the day exploring Notting Hill and found myself in Granger and Co for the first time and I’m not being dramatic (for once) when I say I instantly became besotted with their scrambled eggs. Despite a short queue (I insisted to my hungry boyfriend it was worth it) we were settled down with our menus and coffees in the Kings Cross branch, closer for those of us making journey from east London and such buzzy setting for a fun breakfast date (my favourite kind)

 Cappuccino for me, flat white for him…

Cappuccino for me, flat white for him…

The primary reason for our visit is that I’d spotted the ricotta hotcakes on the menu on my last visit and hadn’t been able to stop thinking about them since, I was gutted not to be ordering the eggs again. My handsome date went for the full aussie, a protein packed feast of poached eggs, avocado, salmon and spinach – yum! and to my absolute surprise he then ordered a portion of scrambled eggs for the table! (Talk about a keeper)

Ok so lets talk pancakes. These are described as ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter, bananas and syrup. I couldn’t massively taste the ricotta, what I got was fluffy, golden pancakes with a caramel taste, super light, super moist and insanely delicious. The honeycomb butter sounded incredible but in reality was just extra sweet butter, a bit strange but when melted onto the hotcakes they were really sweet and even more moist.

You know when you have such a craving for something and whatever you order or cook just doesn’t satisfy it? This was not one of those times. This was exactly what I was after and considering the whole banana on the plate counts as one of my five a day, I think we can call it almost healthy, right? …Pushing it? Believe me its worth it.


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