Recently I’ve not been loving my wardrobe. Shocker. Its a dilemma most women will declare 2/3 times a year, normally towards the end of a season when some of their pieces are looking a little tired and they’ve fallen into a routine. Hi, I’m Lorna and I am 100% guilty of this. I find myself reaching for the same outfits that 3 months ago felt super cool and right on trend but now leave me feeling frumpy and bored. 

Normally I’d turn to Pinterest or instagram to find new ways to wear my existing pieces and maybe invest in a few new ones, and I’d look to either mimic or replicate other peoples outfits and styles.  With every new year I always try and clear out my wardrobe and throw away anything I no longer love or ever wear, and normally I’ll find a few pieces and I’ll wonder why I ever bought them, because they’re just not me. So today I want to talk about how to reinvent your wardrobe to squeeze out a couple new outfits for the remaining month or two of winter but how to do it whilst looking and feeling like you.

I feel like I struggle to decide what “style” my fashion choices are, I like classic traditional pieces, like a navy wool coat or a white Oxford shirt but if I try and go too traditional I end up looking about 40 years older than I actually am, there’s a fine line. I like to wear seasonal pieces and incorporate trends into my wardrobe but I’ve found if I try and go too trendy I end up looking like I’m trying way too hard and I just don’t find it very flattering on me at all. I also find I tend to steer towards more feminine shapes and cuts, I’m not super skinny so I tend to find that anything “masculine” style tends to make me look much bigger than I am or I just find it uncomfortable – aka the term “boyfriend” styled anything is banned from my wardrobe.

Something key to feeling good in an outfit is the fit, you might love that investment piece from 3 winters ago but does it still fit you like it did? if not reinvest? Those heeled boots might be ridiculously comfy and be an dead ringer for the £1000 Chloe ones but are the heels about to break at any moment? maybe take them to a cobbler and have them re-heeled and bring a whole new lease of life into your favourite pieces.

Fabric makes a huge difference in how you feel when you wear something, last year I purchased a classic a-line mini skirt that fit like a glove and was perfect for everyday and for dressing up in the evening, but instead of a denim or a wool I bought it in a black leather which was very different to what I’d normally go for and I absolutely loved it. Sticking to styles and cuts that you know work for you will always mean you feel comfortable and you feel like you, but by changing up the fabric you’re giving yourself a new lease of life, the satisfaction of feeling like a fashionista (something I definitely am not)

Sometimes it takes for you to lay out your entire wardrobe for you to know what you have, yes those navy trousers look great with that white jumper, but what about that grey blouse you completely forgot you had? I’ve done this a few times and just mixing up the way I wear certain things like not tucking in a jumper or switching flats to heels can make you feel like you’ve got a whole new outfit without spending a penny on something new.

Something else which is completely under rated is clothes swapping with your friend and family, everyone bring a bottle of something and a bag of clothes they no longer love and everyone swaps pieces or donates any that no one wants and you get to a) have a fun night in with your girls b) get a bunch of new clothes for absolutely zero money.


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