Brand Focus | Jurlique Rose Moisture Collection

When it comes to skincare I’m all about focusing on the active ingredients because I find it gives the best results. In 2018 I’ve changed up my skincare focuses to try and incorporate as much natural or more eco-friendly products as I can. With Summer coming swiftly round the corner I’ve been on the look out for a mist I can keep in the fridge to keep my moisture levels topped up at all times and provide a bit of refreshment. The products in this post have kindly been provided by Jurlique, having admired their products for years and being a fan of their kind to skin approach to skincare I am very excited to be sharing these products with you. 

A bit about Jurlique before I give you all the details on these amazing rose products, started in Australia the purpose of Jurlique was to harness the power of mother natures botanicals and put them to good use. Their mission statement is simple, to bring people back to nature. Check out their website to learn all about how all their products are completely sustainable “from seed to skin”. Personally I love that ethos and makes me feel much better about using the products. The glass bottles are also a lovely nod to sustainability, completely recyclable and reusable, plus they look gorgeous in the bathroom.

Now on to the products (you’re going to love this) 

The Rose Moisture Plus collection is designed to “Intensely hydrate and protect against environmental damage with our Rose Extract and Antioxidant Complex to enrich the skin.” the main ingredient here is the rosehip oil which is proven to work wonders on your skin. It’s a very pure source of vitamins A, C and E which are vital for brightening and protecting your skin. It helps tissue retention to help heal pigmentation and acne scarred skin. It also allows your skins cells to retain more water than normal which aids a healthier complexion but also minimises fine lines and wrinkles. Basically it’s up there with some of the best ingredients you can use on your skin and should be considered a skincare supernova when it comes to natural ingredients that pack a punch. 

Rosewater Balancing Mist 

As I previously mentioned a face mist is what I was on the look out for to add to my routine and I’ve found an absolute winner. This is a very fine mist that doesn’t coat your face or leave it too wet which makes it perfect for putting on over your makeup. It’s meant for restoring tired looking skin and adding moisture back into your skin, the rose water leaves your skin feeling really soothed and balanced. Not that you ever should but I imagine if you ever get sunburn this would feel amazing. It’s also packed full of antioxidant properties to improve the quality of your skin as well as nourishing. One of the key ingredients is marshmallow root extract which is a powerful hydrator, the plant itself contains a thick syrup like liquid that’s really hydrating on the skin. It also contains aloe vera leaf which is what makes it so soothing and helps to calm any irritation. I love that this isn’t in a huge great bottle, its definitely handbag sized which I am all in favour of as I can have it in my handbag for mid-afternoon top ups. Although Jurlique do have some absolutely incredible limited edition face mists that come in bigger sizes and the packaging is unreal.

Rose Moisture Plus Lotion 

This product really surprised me, I’m used to rose based creams and lotions feeling quite heavy on the skin and potentially a little oily from all the rose extracts, however this lotion is super lightweight but still leaves my skin feeling silky. Something tells me this is going to become another summer staple. Described by Jurlique as “A lightweight moisturising lotion that provides dual benefits of hydration and protection keeping skin soft, soothed and balanced.” it has most of the same benefits as the mist but this obviously is more hydrating. A nice addition to the rose extract is turmeric root extract, which is a brilliant skin booster for reducing the visible signs of aging and brightens the skin by combating dark spots and discolouration. As if that wasn’t enough it’s also good for battling the effects of pollution, which since I’ve lived in cities for the last 4 years and probably will continue to for quite some time, is music to my ears and these days I feel battling the effects of pollution is something we all need to look at more. I’ve been taking two pumps of this at night and putting it on top of my serums and eye creams and what I quite like is that the lotion itself isn’t super firm in consistency, it’s more liquid than what I usually use and which makes it not soak in immediately but leaves the skin feeling cool . I top this with some of the rose mist and call it a night. 

Moisturising Cream Mask 

I know everyone loves a face mast these days but controversially I don’t think a lot of the masks on the market are actually doing that much good for your skin. A good treatment should contain more than just lots of lotions and oils, it should have 2/3 hero ingredients that really pack a punch on your skin and when used twice a week actually make a difference to your skin. There are very few masks that actually give instant results, however, I will say that this Jurlique rose moisture mask does have a significant impact on the texture of my skin. You know those ‘bad skin’ days where things just feel a little oilier than usual and the texture goes a bit scratchy and lumpy? It’s very tempting to grab the nearest scrub and start going at your face but after using this mask for the past few weeks I’d recommend grabbing an effective hydrator like this. 

The benefits of this are it offers deep tissue hydration to soothe and balance the skin, the main warrior in this mask is macadamia oil, which is very similar to the skins natural oils and sebum so it’s more easily absorbed. Rose Gallica flower extract is what makes your skin so soft after even the first application, it makes your skin cells more supple and by being so hydrated you’ll be left with a touchable soft, more healthy looking complexion. It’s recommend to be used either as a 10 minute treatment or as an overnight mask. Personally I slather it on as soon as I’ve taken my makeup off at 6/7pm and then just take a warm cloth and wipe off the excess at 11pm right before I get into bed. Smells heavenly and feels like a proper at home pamper, perfect for a mid-week pick-me-up or a Friday night in.

You can find Jurlique products online and at most of the UK’s beauty retailers and high street stores. Check out their website to learn more about the Rose Moisture Range as well as their other collections.