Fall-ing for London

So last weekend my best friend and her boyfriend came to London for some early birthday celebrations, thankfully my birthday wishes were granted and I woke up without a hangover! Despite the lack of hangover the boyfriend and I both felt we were in need of a good dose of fresh air and with the clocks having just turned back we knew our chances of a sunny autumn afternoon were getting fewer and fewer. So we headed to one of my favourite spots in London for my dose of countryside green, Hyde Park, and stopped off at Regent Street on the way for some window shopping and Christmas light admiring. Something about autumn sunshine just makes everything glow and I absolutely love it, crisp, cold, sunny days like this are my favourite.

Although we didn’t shop we both made a mental note to come back once the lights had been switched on so we could see them in their glory, Regent Street currently looks like someone let Spiderman loose! Give it a few weeks…

Fun fact I only learnt to ride a bike when I was about 17, but the first time my boyfriend and I came to London together we decided (after a few glasses of prosecco) to get bikes and ride home instead of getting the tube, and even though we’re both still pretty rubbish cyclists we’ve made some kind of tradition out of going on the bikes together.

Once I’d made the decision to move to London, something I’d dreamed of and talked about since I was so young, all my day dreams consisted of seeing the Oxford street Christmas lights, weekend morning brunches, walks along the thames and bike rides through the park, I remember stopping to take this photo because I wanted to remember how content and happy I felt to finally be where I’d day dreamed of for so long.

and as you can see, London was showing off for the occasion, golden hour in Hyde Park, even more beautiful in person

anyone would think my boyfriend was competitive? All I said was ready, set, go?

with cold noses and sore legs, we stopped for a hot chocolate before we made the journey home, in all the grey of London it’s nice to know there’s still a little green around to soothe the soul and remind me of home. We’ve been in London just over a month now, but it’s already starting to feel like home


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