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With the days getting colder and shorter that can only mean one thing, winter is coming (please read in a GOT style), and I don’t know about you but in the summer my pamper routine is not as detailed. There’s just something about coming in from the cold and getting into a hot bubble bath that is a whole new level of relaxing. I’ve found some amazing new pamper products recently and I thought it was the perfect time of year to update my pamper routine and share with you some great products worth adding to your bathroom cabinet.

Ok so first things first, gotta get the foundations right, I love a super hot bubble bath, the water as hot as I can handle, and then I use a teaspoon to scoop out some bubble bath so I don’t get through it too fast or more importantly overflow my bath with bubbles and have to scoop armfuls of bubbles into the shower (true story). One of my favorite bubble baths was the body shop honey bath melt which I used for years, sadly they’ve discontinued it now but the body shop makes a great range of bath treats that are reasonably affordable.

At the moment though I’ve been loving using the Champneys products particularly this heavenly day relaxing bubble bath which smells kind of floral but also it’s got lots of lavender scents which is great if you’re having a night time bath. I know a lot of people like to read in the bath or watch tv but personally, I prefer just to put on a nice playlist, I listen to this app that has beach noises or there’s a really lovely fire crackling noise that I love. I try to switch off and not think about anything, just let myself relax and unwind. 

Once I’ve had a good soak and I’ve relaxed then I’ll go in with my favourite sister and co body scrubs which are made from the most amazing all natural ingredients, like this matcha powder one which is really invigorating on the skin. One of my favorite ones has pumpkin oil which is amazing at this time of year and smells incredible. They leave my skin feeling really really soft and what I quite like is that because they’re oil based they leave your skin with this beautiful oil on top that you can either massage in or I use it to when I shave my legs which makes them so smooth.

No pamper night would be complete without a face mask and one of the best face masks I’ve ever used is the Peter Thomas Roth blue marine algae nourishing face mask. It’s a gel consistency that is quite thick on your face, I like to leave it on whilst I’m in the bath and after once I’m putting on my lotions then I will wash it off with a warm flannel. It is quite pricey but considering I’ve used this at least half a dozen times and I can’t even notice a dent I’d say this will last me a really long time and is worth paying that bit more for such amazing ingredients, it’s really gooey on your face but it’s so nourishing that I find my skin feels so much plumper and smoother after I’ve used this. After I’ve washed off the face mask I sometimes will skip the rest of my skincare routine for that night to let the mask really work its magic, I’ll just follow up with a face mist like this herbivore style one I picked up in TK Maxx, completely didn’t realise this was a herbivore dupe until I got home but any hydrating mist will help lock in your skin’s moisture and you’ll wake up looking glowing!

After I’m out of the bath I like to going to pat myself dry and then use a body butter or a body oil to leave my skin feeling supersoft before I go to bed. This one from J R Watkins is an all natural coconut milk and honey body oil that I bought in America last year. sadly I don’t think I can find it in the UK yet but any kind of body oil will work. It’s great that this is a mist, it makes it so much easier to apply and is less messy. I’ve only started using body oils in the past year or two and can’t believe I didnt start sooner, they make such a difference. Another great body oil is the unscented Vitamin E oil from Previse Skincare, such a good unscented alternative that I find is actually less greasy than this one and sinks in so fast. I got through an entire bottle of it this summer it’s just that good!

Another long-term favourite is of course the soap and glory righteous butter, I dread to think how many tubs I’ve gotten through over the years as I’ve been using it since I was in my early teens so well over 10 years ago now! It’s a staple at Christmas for my mum, my sister and I to buy each other, the smell is so nostalgic, it feels very pampering and the body butter formula itself is probably the richest butter I’ve ever used that doesn’t leave my skin feeling super greasy, a must have in the winter!

Having spent so long in the bath we all know how prune like your hands can get, so I like to use a super rich hand cream after I get out to get some moisture back in my hands and nails. This lemon butter balm for Lanoilips is my new favourite, such a subtle sweet lemon smell and my hands are so soft having used this every few hours for the past couple of weeks. The packaging doesn’t lie it’s very intense but not greasy, I have no problem applying this and then carrying on with whatever I’m doing because it sinks in so quickly. Very excited to have this in my life as the weather continues to get colder.

Another favorite face mask is this rice oil brightening mask from barefaced beauty, what I love about barefaced beauty is that you can get their products on Amazon which if you don’t drive like me it’s great to have such high-quality beauty products able to deliver a very next day. I’ve noticed this is such a delicate mask with a light cream/lotion texture, it looks like a white color on your face but I find that my skin really soaks it all up very quickly and leaves it feeling very soft and very well moisturized. Great if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper easier to get hold of an alternative to the Peter Thomas Roth mask.

If I’m having a daytime bath and I don’t feel like I need to wind down quite as much then sometimes I’ll take it a nice hot coffee and a book like this one “A Simple Favour” by Darcey Bell that if you didn’t catch my review of this last week I’ll link the post at the bottom as it’s such a gripping read and with the film coming out very soon it’s definitely a book to pick up before you see the film

So that’s everything I do for a full pamper, nice and quick if its on a weekday but if you’re having a Sunday night bath (one of my favourites) then I hope this has given you some inspiration and some new product recommendations.


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