Breakfast in the clouds

When a good friend decides to leave London, you’ve got to make the most of whilst they’re still so close. With a countdown on till her departure, my good friend comprised her ‘London bucket list’ of all of the fun, wonderful and wacky things you can get up to only in London to make the most of her time before she leaves.

One of the restaurants of choice was Duck & Waffle, and with evenings far and few between decided to go for breakfast bright and early, before work and watch the sunrise a la Rosie Londoner. So with our alarms set and a 6am table with our name on it waiting for us, we all settled in for a good nights sleep…aaand ended up texting on the group chat till midnight about how excited we were for breakfast. Normal service resumes.

My alarm goes off at 4:30 and I get that ‘going on holiday’ buzz that inspires the quickest hair and makeup routine known to man, dry shampoo’d to the heavens and with my tummy suitably rumbling, an uber was requested as it was raining and I’m honestly not sure if the DLR runs that early in the morning.

I was the first one there, the girls were running slightly late so after a quick good morning chat with the doorman I head up to our table, 40 flights up. When I got there it turned out the doorman was also the waiter and had selected us ‘the best seat in the house’, but when you have floor to ceiling windows, an almost 360 view and London at dawn, no ones competing for a view, it was incredible.


After a brief look at the menu, we ordered, cappuccinos and mimosas (because they’re technically one of your 5 a day…right?)

Then came the important part, our breakfast. I wasn’t feeling 100% so went classic with the original duck and waffle, one of the girls got the gruyere/mushroom egg combo and another went for sweet with apple and toffee and ice cream. We sipped and tucked in and discussed the view and each others breakfast at length, whilst the sun rose and the street lights went out.

Despite feeling like we’d been up for hours and hours, it was actually barely 8am! So after a few more snaps and a nose around the bar area, we headed back down to reality and jumped on the tube to work. A definite treat for a Friday morning but one that felt so special. If you’ve got people coming to town or you’re just looking for somewhere special then definitely give Duck and Waffle a try! Now that I’ve been for breakfast and dinner I probably won’t rush back but it’s an experience I look forward to revisiting in the future.

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