Morning Skincare Routine

Since starting my first graduate job I’ve found I’ve gotten my morning routine down to an art, quick shower, minimal hair and makeup, throw on an outfit I picked out the night before and I’m out the door. Although this has really been working for me this past summer I found the one thing I was always scrimping on was morning skincare. I was a firm believer that whatever skincare I used in the morning would either prevent my makeup from lasting or would just sit on my skin all day. Oh, how wrong I was, having a better morning skincare routine has not only impacted my skins texture and glow but really feels like a minute or two of “me time” before my day begins. 

Boots Botanics. Enriched with botanical minerals, it doesn’t leave a film on my skin or dry out my under eyes. 

Second step is straight into the shower and whilst I wash my hair and body I like to quickly cleanse my face. After seeing such rave reviews of this on Pinterest I decided to pick up this Deep Clean Cream Cleanser from Neutrogena when I was in America and wow does this pack a punch. What looked like a reasonably vanilla product seriously has some cleaning power, it’s rich cream formula almost has a mentholated type feel to it on the skin and it gently lifts away all the dirt from my skin after a long day. I have been known to run a hot bath and slather this on and let it sit for maximum clean results but day to day it’s great for not drying out my skin and really giving a healthy glow to the skin. 

Third step is a tried and true favourite of mine, the Clinique Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion. This treatment/toner really does dig deep into your pores and stop blemishes in their tracks. Great for preventative measures and for treating existing breakouts but I’ve used this for almost ten years and I swear by it. This is one I picked up in America because it was cheaper than here in the UK and that means it’s got a slightly higher level of concentrate that others but that’s because of different cosmetic standards. This is a relatively strong product and I would not recommend this for people with sensitive skin but what it does do it completely even out my skins natural oils, remove and prevent blackheads and keep my skin glowy and healthy. 

The final step before I start putting on my makeup is of course to moisturise, this one again will come as no surprise because its the UK best selling facial moisturiser and thats the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion +. Again this is another product that has been in my routine in some way or another for years and years. Rich in consistency but my skin just laps it up, I love the subtle fragrance of it and how simple the formulas is. That is something I love about Clinique skincare, it doesn’t promise to change your face overnight, they never try and sell you a gimmick or fad, it’s just good quality ingredients will no frills formulas that actually work and for those reasons I will continue to trust and reach for Clinique skincare for years to come. 


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