Travel Guide: Zurich (By day)

So this time last week I was wandering through beautiful Switzerland and this weekend I’ll be chopping down christmas trees, I think it’s safe to say my favourite season is well and truly in full swing! When picking a destination for our first holiday together, my boyfriend and I both decided to list our non-negotiables and go from there. For him, it was a) somewhere I’d not been before b) somewhere full of activities c) good food. For me, knowing we were going in late November it was a) christmas markets b) scenic views c) good food *not necessarily in that order. After a quick pinterest search Switzerland was coming up as our top choice! At the first mention of fondue we were sold!

We had the most amazing time and brought back so many memories (like flying home in a fondue induced cheese coma) I wanted to share my snaps from our trip but as I was going through them it became very clear I was going to need two posts, Zurich by day and Zurich by night. We discovered as the sun set that the city transforms into a wonderland, every building and monument covered in christmas lights and it looks like an entirely different place all together! So today I wanted to share our Zurich *by day adventures and as with all of my travel posts, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

the first view of Zurich we got, turned round the corner to see this, heavenly…

and having seen a dozen Christmas trees within the hour I said that well-known phrase “Oooh I’m feeling all christmassy”

don’t be fooled, on the other side of this hat was the face of a woman who got less than two hours sleep to make it to the airport for 4am, the view was worth it though

Race you to the top!

The three million stairs were worth it for the view…and the selfie opportunity

more christmas trees!

doesn’t get more swiss than this…

spoke too soon…

at this point, it was getting harder to deny that we didn’t book this trip purely for the cheese.

This restaurant was one of my favourite meals, it was pouring with rain and we passed this restaurant cafe with tables outside under a canopy with cosy blankets to keep us warm it was exactly what we both needed

there were little sprinklings of Christmas everywhere…but more on that later

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