What’s in my bag

A woman’s handbag is full of mysteries and for some bizarre reason reading and watching “what’s in my bag” tags are so addicting and really interesting! We all carry the same basic things but every woman is different so I wanted to share with you what’s in my bag, I carry this most days.

items seen …

my planner


keys (for uni and for home)

a warm scarf

jack wills body spray in “English velvet”

Bach’s rescue remedy

tangle teaser hairbrush

compact mirror

small makeup bag (.. post coming soon)

hair clip

a nature valley bar (a girl’s got to eat!!)

a box of wonka nerds

various lip balms like Carmex,Nivea butter, jack wills ect.

 loads of random pens

and lastly my phone!

so there’s a little look into my bag!

Xoxo TW



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