Where I’ve been: living out of my American Tourister

Long time no blog! Just when I was getting into my groove on the whole regular blogging thing, my busy season at work took over and it was more manic than I’d ever imagined. A little recap is that last October I started my new job here in London as a Senior Social Media Exec for a global exhibitions company, within a month of being there I went from doing social for 3 shows to doing social for 6! Roll on February and show season started, and I worked on 7 shows in 5 weeks – absolute madness! I did really enjoy it but I’m also very glad to be having some downtime and getting back to the gym, my blog and my family. I’ve always said this blog is as much for myself as it is for anything else, so to make sure I document all the memories here’s a load of photos from my camera roll from the last 6 weeks.

Started the month with an amazing weekend with my bestie and her family in the Cotswolds, dog walks, face masks, lazy Sunday breakfasts and catch ups with one of my favourite people in the world before she jets off across the world for her biggest adventure yet.

Straight into my first show and as you’ll probably notice as we go through the pictures, I absolutely lived in this dress from next (£45) through the whole season, super comfy, the perfect length to keep my legs warm in the freezing cold weather and the best bit of all…it’s got pockets. Ideal for long days on site!

Saturday casual vibes, the majority of my shows ran Sunday-Tuesday, but Saturday was build up day so slightly more casual. By this point, I was starting to get pretty drained, but nothing a decent coffee and a radiance boosting foundation can’t fix

The dress is back. Went back to my fail-safe fix of curling my hair for a little pick me up, can’t help but feel a little bit more myself when I curl my hair and put on a favourite dress, it’s the little things

Absolutely lived out of my American Tourister suitcase over the last 5 weeks, the four wheels meant it was super easy to manoeuvre and the soft sides meant even when I was packing in a hurry it could everything and anything to make the hotel rooms feel like a home away from home. It’s got a built-in padlock for keeping all my valuables safe. I love the blue colour, it made it really easy to spot which suitcase was mine and it’s so beautifully made I just know it’s going to last many a holiday (or show season)

Also, I’m obsessed with my new trainers, they’re pink with silver ticks on the side from the Nike outlet up at the NEC. Super comfy and the colour is so cute!

Clearly loving the lift selfies this past month! One of the good things about show season is that February went by so quickly and now it’s March and spring is around the corner, personally I do not mind that at all. February is normally such a slow month, with the weather being rubbish and there’s rarely much going on so being on the go for the whole month with all my friends from work was actually really fun.

Celebratory dinner with one of my besties from work, a long month but a fun one!

aaand rest, had the best weekend at home with my parents and my dogs, catching up and feasting on all our favourite foods. Looking forward to making plans with all my friends and family over the next few months and of course getting back into my blogging, this is my third post this week and it feels good to be back!


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