The difference a day makes

It’s happened to the best of us, you’ve procrastinated one time too many, had that early night when you should have stayed up working and suddenly your work has piled up and you’re feeling very overwhelmed. Feels like it’s impossible and you’ve stretched yourself too thin, whether you’re a student or you’re a studying professional or a part time blogger, part time boss (yes I’m looking at you), it happens, we’re human. 

I’ve always found when I’m revising or working that taking myself away from the desk in my room and getting out the flat can give you a lot of perspective, especially when you’re weeks deep in a big project. I was searching for the perfect coffee shop or library nook to go and work in and that was when I discovered on instagram the most amazing space, right here in the city centre. Amazing decor, full of inspiring professionals and a view that could rival most swanky hotels. Sound amazing? thats because it is. Alpha Works is a hot-desking facility, with rentable office space and boardrooms available for use to all it’s members. However after visiting I discovered is it so much more than that. Alpha Works has it’s own community of super friendly, motivated individuals who are all killing it in their own right. I spent some time there using their facilities and I was so impressed. The attention to detail is amazing, everything is accounted for, including a rather special coffee machine, which is unlimited for members and makes the cappuccinos of dreams. 

Alpha Works feels like stepping into google HQ or your ‘cool’ friends trendy apartment. The decor is so dreamy, clean and airy with an industrial feel, and everywhere you look there were people typing away, having meetings, brain storming or on the phone, all absolutely bossing it. Talk about motivation. 

A feature of Alpha Works is that on each floors there is a full kitchen ready to use, whether its preparing your lunch or grabbing another cup of coffee, this place feels like the biggest home office. There are also huge open plan offices that are either rented out by companies or are available to hire for meetings, whatever you need a business space for Alpha Works has got you covered. As a blogger and digital marketer, I’m constantly looking for inspiring places to work and Alpha Works for me has to be the top place in Birmingham for branching out of your local starbucks and taking your work more seriously. 

Memberships are available on a daily pass, monthly unlimited pass or private office basis and the team are so friendly and helpful that if you get in touch they’ll be able to guide you to the membership that will best work for you. With the spec the space is done up to, I’d be more than happy to bring a client here for a meeting but working here solo was an absolute dream for getting your head down. Did I mention the view they have from the 19th floor? Panoramic sights of Birmingham that you can just get completely lost in (the perfect distraction) 

I am a firm believer that a day is all you need to change things around, write that to do list make yourself a plan and get yourself down to Alpha Works, after a solid day of getting your head down I doubt you’ll find anyone who doesn’t feel better.

If you’re looking for somewhere in Birmingham that’s really central, has panoramic views, a seemingly endless amount of nooks and rooms to sprawl out and work at, then Alpha Works is the place. Such a great space with a great team behind it. come for the beautifully designed work space but stay for the atmosphere that’s nothing short of invigorating. 

To learn more and get in touch with the team, visit their website –