Year 2 University Recap

This time last year I penned a post on what I’d learnt from my first year at uni and I had so many lovely comments from other students so I thought it only right I post another about things I’ve learnt from second year.

Try doing it the proper way –

A lot of students get into the habit of completing assignments just because they need to have something to submit. I’d highly recommend to try and do it the proper way. Learn the theories, take notes in lectures and actually read the textbooks, that way when you come to write your assignment the understanding you’ll have will show and definitely improve your marks. 

If it gets you through its worth it –

I don’t want to confess the quantity of pick and mix I got through this exam season, but I’m definitely a night owl and something about the brief sugar kick from sweets is all I needed to get my brain working and focused. If your thing is coffee or listening to Eminem then go for it, university exams are really stressful and if it works for you it’s working. 

Work your way

One of the highlights of living in a student house is the improvement in social space, my housemates and I adored our living room. Cosy and simple it meant we could all comfortably sit together all day, snuggled up on our sofas. Amazing to be able to spend time together but a lot of days have been spent just sat watching movies together when we probably should have been revising (oops) Personally being a night owl I’m very happy to sit and enjoy my day, have some dinner and then go and settle down to some work. This has been working for me, (although not so much for my sleeping pattern) however I know some of my housemates are morning people and like to get their work done early. 

So there you have it, a couple bits and pieces I’ve picked up in my second year, stay tuned for more updates as I prepare for my final year.

Xoxo LER

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