She loved three things…

One of my favorite quotes from W. Somerset Maugham is the perfect way to describe our anniversary.

She loved three things..a joke, a glass of wine and a handsome man

Having been with my boyfriend for 4 years last weekend we decided to do something fun to celebrate, and since we’re moving to London (well technically it’s just me left to move he’s already there) we thought where better than central London on a Friday night to celebrate!

As the quote suggests, we went to the early show at the Comedy Store, an absolutely hysterical experience. I was pleasantly surprised at how small the venue was, but it was packed and we were there for the best of standup show and let me tell you we were not disappointed! Six amazing comedians all with their own style and topics. Walking out my cheeks genuinely ached from laughing so much. We made a pact then and there that if either of us ever had a really rubbish week at work that we’d come back to the Comedy Store to heal a grumpy mood (or two)

Then we wandered around the corner to Burger and Lobster for some dinner, I’ve heard about the food for years and have always wanted to try it, but with so many independent restaurants in London I always try and steer clear of chains if I can. This was my boyfriends choice, I told him I’d been craving a proper burger for weeks and he dealt with the rest. In his own words “ I went for burgers, because ya know classic me but then I thought I better class it up a bit since it’s our anniversary – so lobster” It was delicious! He had the lobster burger, which is a burger and then topped with lobster meat and I had the burger and lobster combo (ambitious I know) but all I wanted was their classic burger so we decided I’d get the combo and we’d share the lobster. Needless to say, that was such a good call because there was an absolute mountain of food! Add in a side of piping hot super salty skinny fries and a salad topped with dressing and parmesan and I was left craving something with an elasticated waistband by the end of it!

Now something I love about my boyfriend is that he never does things by halves, so the fact that this restaurant was preparing to bring him so much food that they felt they needed to give him a bib was very exciting news, and when we discovered that their cocktails could be ordered in a goblet for sharing rather than in a normal glass he couldnt order quick enough! All our food was so delicious I would go back there again in a heartbeat!

After walking off our food we found ourselves right in front of the most brightly lit ice cream shop I’ve ever seen (funny how that happened isnt it) I ordered a mint choc chip and salted caramel ice cream cone and the boyfriend had their speciality, two freshly baked cookies smooshed on either side of a scoop of ice cream of your choice. I don’t know how he ate that after our feast at dinner but as always he continues to surprise me! At this point I had very sore feet and had sworn I’d never wear those shoes again, we perched on a bench and watched the Leicester Square madness happen around us (we counted 3 hen parties, two what we thought were first dates and one very embarrassed looking stag dressed as Minnie Mouse!

We’ve been to London together quite a few times over the years and feel like we’ve ticked off most of the typical London things to do, so we sat chatting about the kinds of restaurants and things we want to explore once we’re settled in. With no plans to leave London anytime in the next 7-8 years we’re both excited to be working in the same city for the first time ever! First stop, finding a good Thai restaurant (recommendations welcome) and I’m keen to invest in a good picnic blanket asap so we can make the most of Londons parks. After we’d finished putting the world to rights we decided to make our way home and in true non-londoner style decided to walk to a tube station that “didn’t look that far” LIES especially in the previously mentioned painful heels, will definitely not be doing that again! All part of the fun of learning to live and love in a new city.

We had the lovliest evening, just laughing and enjoying delicious food and treats much like we’ve done for the past four years, and it made it all the more special to be in London together to celebrate before we prepare to start our next big adventure in the city together. x


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