Wisteria Hysteria

With the bank holiday coming up I thought I’d share how I spent my last bank holiday. Isn’t it amazing how an extra 24 hours feels like a week and make the biggest difference. Earlier this month, having had enough of city life (at least for the weekend) I packed up and went to stay with my parents for some sunshine, some much needed catchups and a pitcher or two of Pimms. My boyfriend actually ended up packing up his exam revision and joining us on the Saturday night which made it extra lovely. Never again will I ignore the weather forecast and decide not to pack shorts, stupid decision as I ended up spending the weekend roasting in my jeans! This weekend I assure you my short are top of the packing pile and definitely coming with me. After spending most of Saturday and Sunday lazing in the garden which felt like a Mediterranean getaway with such gorgeous weather, we had a BBQ and talked all about our summer plans.

Never one to skip pass the foodie details I’ll run you through the menu, a huge greek salad with lots of olives and feta, a tomato and mozzarella salad topped with some basil from mums garden (yum) From the BBQ we had chicken drum sticks, burgers and lamb skewers which were seriously tasty. All finished up with some baby new potatoes in mint. We were all completely stuffed by the end of lunch but there’s just something about BBQ food that means you can’t just have one portion. Also how cute are my mums strawberry glasses! She gets them out every summer and they are perfect for pimms. 

Having no garden at my flat here in Birmingham means I’m back home again this weekend and this time I’m taking my flatmate Jazz with me. We plan on doing very little apart from sunbathing on Saturday and writing up a few blog posts here and there. Fingers crossed the forecast stays as lovely as it is because it’s set to be a scorcher! My mum is a brilliant gardener and grows her own produce every year in her kitchen garden [julieskitchengarden on instagram – if you’re not following you definitely should be because she’s almost at 10,000 followers!] so spending time in our garden with the amazing wisteria and roses that bloom every summer always feels extra special, we’ve had years worth of school prom photos in front of these roses and every year they bring back such good memories. 

I am absolutely loving having the new blog and name and I hope you are to, all your lovely comments have meant so much because it took me so so long to put together. I’m hoping to strike a balance between more structured editorial style product posts and chattier diary style posts like this one. I used to do nothing but diary posts when I first started and there was something really nice about going away for the weekend or doing something different with my day and then sitting down to write about it. We’ll see what works but if you have any requests for content you’d like to see over the summer let me know!