Spring Fashion

With this weeks heatwave I am thrilled to be switching out my boots and tights for cropped jeans and sunglasses, it might not last but let’s enjoy it whilst it lasts shall we? H&M have just opened their new flagship store in Birmingham and it is HUGE! I went for a wander and picked up some summer shirts that are going to take me from beach to boardroom to well….Brindley Place. I saw a photo of these gorgeous blossom trees on instagram about a year ago and have been waiting for them to bloom again ever since and on Monday, having checked the instagram geo-tag, they were in perfect bloom so I grabbed my favourite new shirt, my boyfriend and we took a walk after work and were not disappointed. 

From my previous fashion posts you’ll know I’m a comfort over everything kinda gal and working in PR I’m often running around so mini skirts or high maintenance shirts just aren’t going to cut it in my daily wardrobe. This shirt from H&M was only £8.99 ( I know… you’re welcome ) and this green colour immediately caught my eye. Not a colour I normally go for but being blonde and having recently fake tanned I thought I’d go for it. It’s a soft cotton, that it slight see through in the wrong light so for work I put a cami on underneath but day to day it’s fine without anything, I think the relaxed fit is really flattering and doesn’t cling around my boobs which if you’re a larger chested girl like me you’ll know the struggle is REAL. 

Isn’t it always the way that all your clothes break/wear out all at once?! I found myself in desperate need of new jeans and am super happy with these high-waisted skinny fit from TOPSHOP. Their Jamie jeans are my favourite fit and it’s solved so many issues being able to walk into topshop and pick up my size in any of the Jamie colours or styles and knowing that 9/10 times they’re going to fit. It’s taken a long time but from the foreseeable future I will not be shopping for my jeans anywhere else. These Jamies are a mid-wash, super soft and stretchy but they’re slightly cropped and have a frayed hem on the bottom. Great for spring and summer and despite my occasionally nippy ankles are going to make a great transitional piece as the seasons change. 

Another new addition to my S/S wardrobe are these amazing trainers from next, yes that’s right I might be 22 but I can’t pass up glittery star trainers. I know you’ll call me crazy but they’re actually quite subtle, as with all next shoes they took a little wearing in but now they’re so comfy and having a pair of trainers back in my life is so much easier than wearing loafers everywhere. Statement trainers are everywhere at the moment I’m personally such a fan that something so comfy and covered in glitter can still be considered fashionable. 

I think my new pieces will see me through the next few months of Spring and I’ll start to buy more summer clothes as the weather warms up, but for now this is my spring uniform. Really hope you’re all enjoying the new blog and the new design, I’m hoping to post more fashion content because although I’ve shy’d away from fashion content before, purely because I don’t find my own fashion to be particularly groundbreaking, but as a friend mentioned to me recently what I am good at is finding comfy essentials that work for season after season, so that’s what my fashion content will be. Fashion for the everygirl, nothing out there and outrageous but outfits you can actually wear. 

Dont forget to check out this shirt in H&M – HERE, I have it in this green and white, the blue and white and the pink (slightly overkill I know) but with 20% off with UniDays they worked out to be the same price as one normal blouse and that’s my spring work wardrobe sorted