Where I look for new beauty inspiration

Being a bit of a beauty junkie,6 I’m constantly looking for the next ‘it” product and with the beauty industry forever growing there is a constant barrage of new products to get excited about. I tend to try and stick to a routine for at least six weeks so I can feel the benefit of the product but unless a product really wow’s me I rarely repurchase products because I’m always trying new things. When it comes to finding beauty inspiration either for new products or for new ways to use my current makeup collection. 

As well as Instagram inspiration for my own photography, getting inspired by how products are being displayed because without looking at it or swatching it in person it can be hard to get a feel for the consistency of the products through photos but magazines like Glamour or Cosmo  are well practised at beauty photography and work with the best in the business. 


InStyle, Glamour and Stylist are some of my favourite magazines for beauty inspiration. Whether its product reviews, new releases or just the gorgeous full-page advert spread, I love flicking through the pages on holiday or over a weekend with a coffee and a face mask. I’m a fan of reading up on celebrity and model skincare routines, with the heavy makeup their skin goes through they always have some top tips up their sleeve.

What I also love about buying a magazine is that you can keep it as a permanent reference, especially the limited edition seasonal mags that do the bumper beauty issues having a collection on my shelf or dressing table is nice to flick through and look back on. Having the magazine open while I’m getting ready is an excellent source of inspiration. 


No shocks here, with so many blogging babes posting amazing reviews daily there is a blog for everyone. Pinterest is a great way of finding new blogs to read; I love going back through blogs and reading their old posts. Influencers and bloggers have the best advice because they trial so many products, professionals like Caroline Hirons have great advice and completely debunk the industry by giving you the gimmick-free info on what you need to know.