It’s that time of year again! I’m so excited to be writing this post it’s the beginning of a series I’ve been looking forward to writing all year…my Christmas gift guide. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to bring you the best of Christmas, gifts for her, gifts for you, extra special gifts and stocking stuffers galore. It’s about to get very festive. 

Today it’s all about luxury gifts, presents that are that little bit extra, either because of their price tag *mulberry – I’m looking at you* or gifts that have a little extra thought behind them. Let’s dive in. 

Burberry scarf pictured above, or in the other end high street stores like next  and Zara have some amazing hat/glove and scarf sets that are really affordable and perfect as gifts. Perfect gift for anyone, go for a chunky navy knit scarf for your dad, some leather fur-lined gloves for your mum, a cute pom pom bobble hat for your sister and Christmas is basically done! My personal favourite is this amazing star print cashmere scarf from M&S. I’ve linked below some great options that are perfect for all the family, ranging in price and style but knit accessories are things that if looked after properly can last you for years and years.


Something we all use almost daily, at work, on the tube, at the gym, having a decent pair of headphones is not only good for your musical musings but important for your ears as well. Can be a truly decadent gift if you go for some from Bose or Sony or there are more affordable and fun brands on the market like Skinny Dip and Skullcandy that offer affordable and well-made options for a fraction of the price. I pinched these gorgeous green headphones from my flatmate for these photos, but these are great! Bluetooth compatible so there’s no need for messy wires and come with a lovely carry case, perfect for the avid traveller in your life. 


I’m a huge slipper fan. A statement that any one of my friends or family will back me up on, if I’m in the flat then these will be on my feet. Especially in my new flat which has chilly *but gorgeous* hardwood floors. Slippers make a great gift and one I’ve given to people many times because they can be over the top and wacky and it doesn’t matter because they’re only worn in the comfort of your own home. These UGG lookalike slippers are actually from next but there’s so many on the market that you truly can find a slipper style to suit whoever you’re shopping for. Like this flip-flop style fluffy pair  or these adorable pom pom slippers.


This is a super luxe option and one I’ve spoken about before but this crossbody bag from mulberry is so versatile and can be worn so many ways I’m still completely obsessed with it. Something important to remember when buying handbags as gifts is that they are very personal items so it’s best to play it a bit safe and go for classic colours like black and navy and ensure there are adequate pockets inside for phones, wallet, keys etc. but if gifted correctly a bag can be the most special gift to give, you use it every day, if you’re anything like me your bag will contain most of your possessions. 


This is what I was referring to when I was talking about gifts that have that little bit of extra thought, my sister once bought me a limited edition copy of Noel Streatfields “Ballet Shoes” for my birthday because she remembered it being my absolute favourite book when I was younger. It’s not necessarily a copy I’ll ever actually read but it’s so beautiful and has such a lovely sentiment behind it that I’ll keep it forever.

A book

can be so personal and I think with reading actual paperback books becoming a bit of a lost art that it’s the perfect gift to give someone this year. Whether it’s a thriller, a romance or an old classic a book is a portal to a whole other world, what gift could be better than that? 


I’ve spoken before about how attached to the scent I am, I know from your reactions to that post that I’m not the only one. It has the power to uplift you, to transport you back to a different time or melt away your troubles. I love having a candle burning on my bedside table, and my flatmate and I will normally have a least two or three dotted around the flat. The one pictured above is the classic sanctuary spa candle which you can also purchase in a bubble bath, lotion and shower gel, the best way to completely submerge yourself in relaxation. Another of my favourites is the one my mum always burns at home and that’s Yankee Candle Sweet Apple, a sweet and fruity scent that smells like home, can’t help but feel relaxed and cosy with this on in the background. Again this is another gift that can be completely customizable, you can go all out with Jo Malone or something cheaper from Boots or next. Wrapped in some festive tissue paper this is a lovely gift for a mum, sister or grandma. 


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