Something about Summer just lifts spirits. Warmer, longer days, eating outdoors and cracking out the sun dresses, just gives me that warm fuzzy feeling. I’ve had a very busy month or two but it’s been so nice to be spending my free time socialising with friends. I wanted to really put into words a little list of things I want to do this summer and things I’m looking forward to now the sunniest season is here. 

I’ve been really busy settling into my new job, and I’m loving having a routine back, it makes me appreciate my free time so much more. Aside from work I’ve been travelling around the UK for the past couple weekends, seeing friends and family ,going to birthday parties and the cricket with my family (which is fast turning into one of my yearly Summer highlights). With graduation and my holiday coming up at the end of July I’m really looking forward to having two whole weeks in Birmingham. 

As much as I love to travel I am a home girl, so having two weekends with very little plans with my flatmates are going to be lovely. 

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Learning the art of taking 5 

With life now being that little bit busier I’m learning quickly the art of just taking 5. Even if it’s just to lie on my bed and think about my day or to go to the gym and leave my phone at home. Being able to slow down and just take a breath is something I’ve been appreciating recently. Having started my first graduate job in the last month it’s quite full on and there is lots to learn and when I come home I’m trying to keep up with all the life bits that pop up in between. I’ve spoken about loving meditation but even that at the minute seems like work, it’s funny but I have truly been enjoying the art of wasting 5 minutes doing nothing. 

Not to rush if I don’t have to 

I was explaining this to a friend why I never book exact trains and I always tend to go for open return tickets. If I know I have a set amount of things to get done at the weekend I won’t rush them, I’ll enjoy it, take my time and as long as I get all the things done that I need to then I call that a success. For instance, in an evening if all I have on my list is to catch up with my mum, do a load of washing and send an email or two then I won’t rush it. I’ll take my time and actually enjoy doing it. Even making dinner in the evenings I find I’m slowing down and actually spending time making a meal. 

Appreciating the beauty of a happy place 

It’s not secret I’m a home girl through and through, nothing I love more than being with my family and the dogs all just relaxing together. I’ve started trying to appreciate my time at home more, to take the time to focus on being with family, little things like not sleeping in till the afternoon (I’m sure my parents will argue this one) or leaving my phone in my room and just being present. I think it’s so important, I had a couple of weekends when I went home on the Saturday still hungover from Friday night and all I did was slob out on the sofa, it was only once I got back to my flat on Sunday night that I realised what a waste that was. I know I’m really bad at it but I’m trying to make the effort to ask myself “do you need to bring your phone? can it stay in your bag? Is the person you’re out with more important?” and I’m not saying I’m perfect at this because I am definitely not but it’s something I’m hoping to get better at over the Summer. 

You may have also noticed I’ve had a bit of a redesign of the homepage, I’m loving having it more content focused so please let me know your thoughts! Don’t hold me to it but I am hoping to blog more now I have some downtime coming up. 

Xoxo LER 


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