So apologies for the lack of new content recently but it can only be explained by third-year exams. Enough to put fear into most students and I’m proud to say my dissertation is finished and my exams and presentations are all over and I’ve completed my marketing degree! *yay*. Having spent two weeks studying for my CIM diploma, I’ve started my first graduate job as a Junior Account Exec at a top marketing agency in Birmingham and I could not be more excited about my next chapter. I wanted to fill you in on what’s been going on with me, what I’m loving, what I’m excited about right now and what my plans are for the summer! 

jasminehardingmakeup) coming back to Birmingham to finish her degree it made perfect sense to cease the opportunity and move in together! We’ve been looking at some amazing flats and come September we’ll be making one our own. 


After three (ridiculously fast) years I’m really excited to be graduating and receiving my degree! I’ve loved studying and I can’t wait to watch my amazing flatmates walk across that stage and to celebrate with my family. Watching my Mum graduate was such an incredible day and I’ve never felt speechless from being so proud and having supported each other for the last three years I cannot wait to be graduating with my girls. 


The day after I graduate my parents, my sister and I are off on holiday to Florida for two beautiful weeks! There’s nothing I love more than going on adventures with my favourite people in the world, expect lots of Disney posts and beach snaps. I’ll absolutely be putting together some travel diary posts with photos and recommendations! 

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Planning adventures

Now that I’m not studying and I’m working full time I’ve actually gained my evenings back, I’ve got more time in the evenings to read my favourite blogs, catch up on my favourite shows (I’ve recently gotten into Game of Thrones in a BIG way) but I’ve been hooked on travel blogs and hotel websites! I am suffering from a serious case of wanderlust. Jazz and I are planning a city break in November and I seriously cannot wait! I would love to go to Paris because Jazz has never been, but it would also be amazing to explore somewhere new like Budapest or Amsterdam. If any of you are travel bloggers PLEASE tweet me I’m always looking for new and exciting content. 

Xoxo LER


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