As a blogger and student, I spend a lot of my time writing, whether it’s assignments of posts you’ll find my hands permanently attached to a keyboard and a lot of the time that writing comes with a deadline. There is nothing worse than having a piece of work to write and loads of inspiration but for some reason, the words just aren’t flowing. It’s the worst and the longer it gets put off the worse you feel because the pressure starts to kick in. With a dissertation due in 8 weeks and having taken up daily blogging again, I can’t really afford to get writer’s block it seriously slows down my productivity. So here’s a few little hacks I’ve picked up on pushing through that writer’s block and creating a piece of work you’re proud of. 

4. Brain dump with a friend –

This is a trusted technique, I find I don’t always need their feedback either, it’s sometimes just very helpful to say all your ideas out loud and explain it to someone. Odd’s are if you can explain your third-year essay to someone who knows nothing about the subject area then I’m sure your lecturer will understand too. Saying it out loud can help you find gaps in the content and more often than not I’ll be filling them in myself as I go. 

So those are my tips for pushing past writer’s block, hopefully, you can apply these whatever your situation. My week this week is full of dissertation writing and blog posts but I actually can’t wait, nothing better than ticking things off lists. 

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