When Summer rolls around I know I can’t be the only one who likes to go barefaced and tone down on the makeup. That’s made so much easier by having beautiful, clear, glowing skin. I’ve struggled with achieving the “Glow” but recently I’ve found a little routine that’s working for me. 

Water – The ultimate skincare staple, by making sure I drink a lot of water my skin stays hydrated and it truly is the best way to maintain that lit from within glow. I find that by having a large water bottle by my side (mine holds 900ml) and by keeping it in my hand as often as I can, I find that I drink a lot more water throughout the day that way. 

Caffeine – Whilst drinking too much caffeine throughout the day can dull your skin and make you look tired, by adding fresh coffee grounds to your face wash in the morning your skin will absorb the caffeine and it’s been proven to give a brighter complexion. It’s also very effective on cellulite! So get scrubbing ladies! 

So there we have it, 4 easy ways to polish and perfect your skin and get your summer glow!

Xoxo LER 


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