HOME DECOR LOVES – Modern Bohemian

A few years ago the latest trend of minimalist scandi decor swept across the internet and suddenly everything available in copper and white bed sheets weren’t just for hotels. Whilst I love the scandi decor trend I do find it be quite cold, I like my surroundings to feel cosy and warm.

So naturally I fell completely in love with one of this years most popular trends, Modern Bohemian. With a palette of soft pastels and not a harsh line in sight, this whole look is so easy on the eye. Indoor plants and huge blooms gives it a natural lived in feel,  this trend is so chic and feminine I can see myself completely overhauling my room. Although with some soft blankets and over-sized art it’s easy to revamp your current interior theme. Add some more neutral grey and navy hues and I promise even your other half will be on board. 

Xoxo LER 


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