How I use my planner

With exam season finally over I can finally take a breath and get excited for my summer. Really excited to be starting my internship position in the next couple of weeks. Managing exam season and a part time job was a lot of work but by keeping organised it made things much easier. 

I’ve been using this personal filofax from Paperchase since January and loving it, the design is primarily why I bought it but it’s so functional and the perfect size for carrying in my bag. 

I know a lot of you are still sitting exams whether they be A levels, GCSE’s or University, so I wanted to share how I use my planner to stay organised. 

Write down everything  

 – I never presume I’ll remember I’d much prefer to write everything into my planner on the day it’s due that way when I look at my upcoming week I know what to plan for. I like to use the extra thin bic biros as this planner is quite small and this means I can fit more on each page. 

Keep a list –

 Especially at the weekend a like to make a to do list of things I’d like to get done that week, then I’ll go to my planner and put in when I’m going to get everything done, this way I can make a plan to get it all done and I know what I’m going to achieve that week, it can be anything from dropping parcels at the post office to finishing a book I’m readying. 

Always add check boxes –

 If I have anything written in my planner odds are there’s a little checkbox drawn next to it. Having something to tick off feels much more productive, it’s especially great to keep myself motivated. 

Post its everywhere –

 I keep tabs and post it’s all over my planner, it’s a good way to keep all the details in one place. My planner has pockets to keep business cards in and this where I’ll keep my to do list’s and any other notes or details.

I’m going to try and keep up posting everything 3 days, stay tuned for lots more content coming your way. 

Xoxo LER 


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