The College Prepster App

Its no secret that I’m a big fan of Carly and her blog

the college prepster

, having kept up with her for almost four years (wow) I was ecstatic to see she’s made an app with all her content fed straight through. I love this idea and am loving being able to access her blog posts so fast.

The Boscia melt off cleansing gel

I’ve just returned from 2 weeks in California and of course that meant popping into Sephora! I was so excited to see they had a great range of Boscia skincare since


recommended it! I picked up the make up break up cleansing gel and a sample of the black luminzing mask, and so far I’m loving both! The cleansing gel takes off my waterproof mascara and tricky double wear without any scrubbing or pulling.

Graduation blues

With the end of my second year only 6 weeks away I’m staying to get the graduation blues! I can’t believe how fast uni has gone already, with only one year left I’m starting to think about where I want to live after graduation and what kind of jobs I want to start applying for. Exciting but absolutely terrifying all at once!

Aspyn and Parker Vlogs

For those of you who don’t know Aspyn and Parker are a young couple on YouTube, I loved Aspyns beauty channel and have been following her for years. When she and Parker got married they started daily vlogging and I’m obsessed, even my boyfriend loves watching and insists I can’t watch without him! If you’re looking for something fun to brighten up your day then definitely look them up!


I’ve touched on this before that I struggle with panic attacks, recently with all my deadlines looming and life getting stressful I’ve had my fair share of bad days. I decided I wanted to do something proactive to help myself, I’ve been using a meditation app called breathe. It’s free on the App Store and has really helped me, every day I check in and it’ll ask me to describe how I’m feeling and reflect on my day, then it will suggest a suitable meditation exercise. I’d highly recommend it if you’re new to meditation like me.

I’m loving being back to posting weekly, if you have any posts you’d like to see let me know!


Xoxo LER 


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