If you follow me on snapchat (and if you don’t you definitely should – rickettsl) you’ll know I’ve spent most of April in LA. As amazing as my trip was getting over the jet lag on the way home is a bit of a killer, especially when I have end of year deadlines only weeks away! I always struggle more with time difference on the way home and I’m sure I’m not the only one so I thought I’d put together some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the last couple of years.


This is a big one, especially when you’ve got a big time difference like LA (8 hours!!) it’s important to fool yourself from the minute you get on the plane, whilst it might be 7:30pm when you board it’s actually 2:30am, and you need to convince yourself it is. Changing all your clocks is a big help and getting sleep on the plane always helps.

Being tough

Once you return to normality it’s easy to cheat a lie in but it’s important to get back to your routine, it helps if you try and get into an even more extreme routine than you’re used too. Last time I flew long haul my jet lag was so bad I ended up forcing my boyfriend to watch blackfish with me at 3am and then continue to discuss whale politics into the early hours of the morning.

Keep Kalm

Here’s where my next tip comes in, after a week of my backwards sleep pattern my boyfriend suggested I get some kalms herbal remedy to kick my sleep back into gear. Whilst I was unsure after 2 nights it did really work and it helped much quicker. Using meditation and yoga can also be a great natural way to wind down at the end of the day and sleep better. 

Stay away from coffee

Coffee is great to get you going in the morning but it will only be a couple of hours before you crash and feel worse than before. Sticking too ice water is a great way to keep you alert and focused. Although a caffeine boost can come in handy those first couple of mornings back, I’m all for it to get through the hardest bit. 

There’s nothing quite like being back at home after a long holiday, even if you’re suffering with post holiday blues. 

Xoxo LER 



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