With the new year in full swing I’ve been loving being back at uni and getting into my routine. As much as I love being at home for Christmas I love being organised and I love having my routines. I’m still planning my 2016 goals post but I figured today I’d walk you through my new year skincare routine. 

Overall 2015 was pretty kind to my skin, for those of you who have been reading for a while will know how I’ve suffered with acne in the past and although my skin is not perfect I would definitely class myself more as “blemish-prone” than having full on acne. Which is amazing! My skin is definitely still oily but especially in the last couple months I’ve been craving moisture, I’ve discovered some new products and as you’ll see there’s definitely some old favourites in there aswell. 

To remove my makeup I’ve been keeping things really gentle by using the Garner Micellar water, I’ve tried quite a few over the last year, from L’Oreal and Superdrug and the Garnier offering is my go to. Without leaving a nasty residue it dissolves my eye makeup quickly and without too much pulling and tugging, which is really important as I’ve been experiencing some fall out in my lashes recently.

Although I always take my makeup off I am guilty of reaching for a makeup wipe, when I do I make sure the don’t have any harsh chemicals or acids. These radiance wipes from Simple have quickly found their way into my heart, soft cushioned wipes full of natural vitamins and moisturizers.

After all my makeup is off I like to go in with a rich cream cleanser, like this one from Elemis. This pro-radiance cleanser has been a personal fave of mine for a long time, I massage it into dry skin and then add water to turn the cream into a cleansing milk. It removes all dirt and oil without stripping my skin or making it feel dry. My skin is left clean and refreshed without a scrap of makeup.

A holy grail skin product that I’ve been using for years is the Clinique 3-step anti blemish clarifying lotion, a mouthful of a product name but an incredible product. It’s strong but amazing for a gentle exfoliant and resurfacing the skins texture. It’s amazing for getting rid of blackheads and really getting a deeper clean.

Since my first skincare routine, I’ve always been wary of loading up my skin with heavy moisturizers, I was always afraid of making my skin oilier or causing breakouts. How wrong I was! By reaching for an oil free moisturizer I can combat dryness whilst keeping my oiliness under control.

I’ve recently added a serum into my routine for the first time, the vichy idealia life serum I’ve loved for ages. It’s made for pollution exposed skin, which living in Birmingham is exactly what I need. It’s opalescent finish leaves my skin feeling slightly tacky but after it’s sunk in I’m left with touch-ably soft velvet skin. An absolute staple in my routine and hopefully a product I’ll continue to use for a long time. 

After letting everything sink in, normally at this point in my routine I’ll take a minute to lotion the rest of my body or do my nails ect. I’ll then finish up with the world famous Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. I’ll only use this at night to really lock in moisture. This thick cream packs a punch but isn’t heavy on the skin, it sinks in really fast and leaves plump nourished skin. The product of dreams.

So that’s everything from my current skincare routine, let me know below if you have any recommendations. 

Xoxo LER 


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