As important as it is to stay focused, looking ahead is where I find my motivation. I’ve got so many exciting things coming up in the next couple months I thought I’d share with you what’s coming up. 


Obviously December is a very festive month but it’s also the busiest, I’ve got lots of assignments to hand in. As well as having family to stay for Christmas I’m travelling over New Years Eve. My family and I are heading to Disney Land Paris! I can’t wait, Disney Land is somewhere my family and I feel most at home. Having spent lots of fond holidays there as children, I feel like we’re the best version of our family when we’re at Disney. After all what better place to ring in the new year than the happiest place on earth.  


Back to university and back to normality after all the festivities. January is when I’ll most likely find out about my placement opportunities for next year. For those of you who aren’t familiar, in the UK a lot of universities offer a “placement year” which allows undergraduate students the chance to take a break between second and third year and go and work within their industry. For me this is going to be marketing. Having learnt so much over this summer in just 3 months, I’m excited for what a whole year in industry will teach me. 


Of course the thing everyone associates with February is Valentines day! It also happens to be my 1 year anniversary with my boyfriend. I know we’re looking for a little getaway somewhere close, so stay tuned to that! But I’m going way in March so the focus of my month will probably holiday packing and prep! Stay tuned as my tanning routine starts after Christmas.


This is where things get exciting, at the end of March my family and I are flying to CALIFORNIA! I could not be more excited. the last time we went to the west coast was a couple years ago and we had the best time! Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and some pretty incredible shopping! Stay tuned for lots of holiday themed posts starting after Christmas.

Xoxo LER



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