Instagram is something used by the high majority of bloggers and as someone who’s regularly checking in and uploading my own photos I can agree it’s a great way to get involved with the community and for gaining followers and readership for the blog. There’s so secret to gaining followers and likes but I thought I’d share how I take and edit my Instagram photos.

I personally like to have really bright and light photos to keep my profile looking clean and fresh. To do this it really helps to start off with good lighting, considering we’re in the middle of winter and natural light is rare and precious, I’ve found using mirrors a great way to reflect more light into my room and make my pictures brighter. Using a white surface also helps, I know a lot of bloggers already have bright white IKEA table tops and there’s a reason for it. They provide a great canvas and means you can do anything with your photos.

Before I post anything I like to make sure it’s going to look right on my profile, I don’t have such a strict theme but I do like to make sure there’s some continuity with my pictures. To do this I have a folder set up on my phone that I put my photos in to check they go with others I’ve already posted. It’s a good way to check I’m not posting too much of the same thing or that there aren’t any odd colour clashes or angles.

When I’m scrolling through my feed I often screenshot any pictures I really like for inspiration and again save them in a dedicated folder on my phone to look at later. Especially for flatlays which are always so popular I love taking inspiration for my layouts and content. Some of my favourite feeds are from the gorgeous Millie Macintosh as well as some of my blogging faves,

Aviary is my favourite app for editing photos on the go. It’s great for adding filters, changing the brightness. The best part of this app is the whitening tool, it’s meant for teeth but I used it to whiten my backgrounds and really make my photos look crisp and bright.

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