There’s no escaping the fact that it’s winter, it’s cold ,dark and the weather is often miserable. With final exams and deadlines looming it’s easy to feel under the weather and quite frankly a little fed up some days. I’ve put together some quick ways to use 15 minutes *and come on who can’t spare 15 minutes* to give yourself a pick me up that will have you feeling sparkly and ready for action. These are all easy and achievable things that will not only help you feel more productive but allow your brain to switch off for a little while.

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Career Girl Daily 

. They post daily articles which are great for hearing from industry experts and they’re always on topical and interesting themes.

Now normally having a bath would be right up there with my ideal 15 minutes but remember these breaks are supposed to invigorate you, not send you to sleep! Keep active.

As important as it is to focus and really get invested in whatever project you’re working on, it’s also completely necessary to escape it and have some time to yourself. I find without that time I run out of ideas and I don’t enjoy my work anywhere near as much.

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