For all my fellow students you’ll be into week 6 of the autumn term and hopefully you’ll have settled back into your studies and university life. Although if you haven’t know you’re not the only one. Settling back can be difficult after such a long summer at home. If you’re in your first year then you may also be struggling to settle into university life, it’s all new and exciting but it can also feel daunting and unfamiliar. Today I’m going to share how I made university feel like home.

The first thing I did when I moved to university was I called it home, yes my parents didn’t love that idea at first hence why my parents house has been renamed “the mothership”. For me it was important to think of uni as home, because it is. It’s where I spend the majority of my time and it’s where I’m setting up my life as an “adult in training”. Having the right mentality makes a huge difference, if things aren’t working at uni at first, get creative make some changes and make it work for you. 

Home cooking is something I miss most when I’m at uni but one of the best things I did was to start cooking for myself. I’ve spoken before about how just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you have to stick to the stereotype of eating badly and unhealthily. The best thing I recommend is to find someone to meal share with and split the cost of food. Cooking yummy dinners and even baking (yes baking at uni is a thing) made me feel much more at home, My cooking improved and it helped me get closer to my flatmates last year because I was able to cook for them. 

When packing to move the temptation can be to buy and take all new things, but I highly recommend taking some of your own things from your room. I had a beautiful pink union jack quilt that I had on my bed for years, as well as providing loads of bright colour to my room it acted as something familiar. I also brought lots of accessories from my room, things like framed photos, pencil pots, my own lamp , even bringing your favourite DVD box set can make things feel more homely. 

Something that I personally struggled with was the lack of routine, having been in education for so many years having such a set routine that having so much free time and condensed timetable I found myself a little lost. All I needed was to create a routine, to fill my days with productive things. During my first year my work load wasn’t as heavy and I didn’t have a job so I spent my days on this blog and going to the gym. Basically anything to keep myself busy and to make my days more productive. That made the biggest difference to my overall mood and attitude towards my university life.

University is one of the only times in your life you will have as much time, freedom and opportunity, so it’s important to do what makes you happy. Spend time with the friends who make you happy and although it’s important to try new things and meet new people university is all about having the choice to spend your time how you wish.

Anybody struggling at university, do leave your comments down below. 

Remember home is never that far away and there’s always people there to listen. 


Xoxo LR 


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