With my return to university fast approaching and my internship coming to an end, I thought I’d share my daily routine. Now that I’ve been in the same routine for almost 3 months I’d like to think I’ve got the art of commuting down, although I’m definitely not a professional *then again – who’d want to be?* I travel from my home town roughly an hour and a half to two hours into work. When I get there of course no two days are ever the same. 

6:45 AM –

The alarm has been going off for about 20 minutes at this point and I know it’s time to get up. I’m straight into the bathroom to quickly wash my face, brush my teeth and start my day. Then I’ll put on whichever outfit I’ve laid out (or attempted to) then it’s a quick bit of makeup and perfume and I’m getting ready to run out the door. 

7:15 AM –

By this time I’m on my way to the station, my Dad has been amazing at helping me get to the station everyday. Could not have done it without him. 

7:42 AM –

99% of the time I’m on the 7:42 train to London. It’s great because it’s a straight service that doesn’t stop anywhere, it’s super fast and for that I’m forever thankful. Normally for that 40 minutes I’ll read or listen to something, eat some breakfast and fix my makeup properly. 9/10 I can get a seat too which at that time of the morning is always appreciated. 

8:30 AM –

I reach London and it’s a power walk to the tube, normally this is when I’ll ring my boyfriend who is also on internship this summer, and catch up with him. Talking on the phone is so much nicer than text, feels so much more personal. Always sets my day up right. I catch the tube and travel 3 stops to work. The tube is potentially the worst part of the journey, too many people and too many germs for my liking and even if it’s freezing outside the tube is a sauna (What’s up with that?)

8:50 AM –

I’ve just got off the tube and I’ve got a small walk to the office. Normally this is when I’ll have a good look at what the women of London are wearing and how they’re wearing it. It’s like internet free Pinterest for commuters! 

9 AM –

At my desk and ready to start the day, I always get a glass of cold water and a coffee before I start anything and get our gorgeous windows open to let some air in. First stop my inbox *GULP*

10-12 AM –

Filled with checking in on yesterdays tasks, making sure they all went through ok and nothing is outstanding or still needed. Then I’ll get my notebook out and start today’s To Do list. I always check in with my managers and see what I can do to help them and have a general catch up too. I’m lucky enough to have two of the best managers any intern could ask for, always giving me amazing advice and passing on all their experiences. At no point have I just felt like an intern. They make me part of the team and give me jobs that they know will teach me different skills and they always make sure I’m getting the best overall experience. 

12 – 1 PM –

At some point I’ll take a walk outside, go and grab a coffee or some lunch. Most of the time I’ll bring my own lunch to save money, but if a colleague asks if I want to get lunch I’ll go with them. It really does make so much difference to my mood and energy when I’ve had a break from work. Even if it’s just checking my instagram. 

1-6 PM –

This is when the bulk of my meetings happen, I’ll go and spend time in other departments or in brainstorms or catch up meetings. Being in the accounts department a lot of communication goes external to clients that it’s important for everyone to stay on the same page so lots of catch ups are essential. 

6 PM –

Home time! Once I’m sure all my work is done for the day I’ll pack up and head home, my journey home is basically the same as the mornings just with lots more running and a lot more people! Elbows out – I am not missing bake off! 

7-8 PM –

Officially back home, time to throw off my work clothes, get into something comfy and catch up with my family on their day. This is my favourite part of the day, cuddles with my puppies enjoying some tele with the family.

9 PM –

With another early start tomorrow I’ll normally just make some lunch for tomorrow, grab a shower, potentially watch something on Netflix or YouTube and wind down from my day. My evening skincare routine really has become like a wind down ritual for me, when the makeup comes off my body knows it’s almost time for sleep. 

11 PM

– Into bed with a cup of tea and straight to sleep, a quick slather of night cream and hand cream and I’m ready to recharge my batteries for tomorrow ready to start all over again. 

So there’s a breakdown of my day! I’m hoping by reading this I’m forgiven for not blogging as much as usual. I’m heading back to university next weekend so finger crossed there will be a lot more content coming your way! 

Xoxo LER 



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