What’s in my bag – Intern Edition

I think it’s probably well known by now that I’m interning at a marketing agency in London. *side note – I’m loving it and will update you all soon* but when I was preping for my internship I pinterested of course what to take with me, what I’d need to survive a working day in London. There weren’t that many, not that were super helpful anyway. So I want to show you what I take with me everyday and what thing I think are essential. This is not only for you working gals, those of you getting ready to go back to school this will be helpful for you too! 

Ok so don’t be put off, it looks like a lot of stuff but I don’t take everything everyday but I pick and choose. Let’s dive straight in. 


As mentioned in my “what I learnt – Week 1” post, notebooks are essential. I carry one for best, that I use as a daily diary to keep track of what I’m doing. Another for rough notes and to do lists and of course my planner which I never leave home without. I also have a small pencil case, I recommend taking a light pencil case just to have basic stationary, there would be nothing more embarrassing than turning up day 1 without a pen. I also have a tiny calculator because, well honestly because my boyfriend is an accountant and joked that I absolutely need one. So I bring this one and it makes me smile, *has not come in handy yet though* 

Self Maintenance

In a professional environment it’s important to look smart and that sometimes requires a little maintenance. I bring a small makeup bag with vital essentials in (post to follow next week) I also carry hand cream, this one I’m loving is from Molten Brown and its the pink peppercorn scent which is gorgeous! I also carry a hand sanitiser because London may look beautiful but it’s filthy. My pick is from Bath and Body works and it’s orchard apple scented, really nice and fresh. 

Absolute Essentials

Things you’d expect me to have, my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 – in case you were wondering) headphones which is good for if I’m watching something on my computer at work and for listening to music on the train too. My railcard so I can get around and about in London. Keys to get back into my house at night. Obvious but necessary. A USB charger for my phone. This has been the most useful item I’ve brought with me, I plug my phone into my mac at work and I know I don’t have to worry about my phone dying on the way home if anything goes wrong. Piece of mind 

Little Luxuries

Things I don’t really need but they  make my day more enjoyable. My ipad (not pictured) for reading/watching things on the train and tube. Makes the journeys go so much faster and a good resource to have in the office, if I need to do research or if my computer breaks down I know I can still be productive. A full sized umbrella, I cannot stress enough how much I love this. We’ve all been there, when the heavens open, your hair is a mess, the wind picks up and your flimsy brolly is basically shriveled plastic that’s not helping anyone. There is nothing worse. I bring this brolly with me, it’s probably half way between a full sized and a travel sized but it’s strong as anything. As soon as it rains I know I can be completely dry and happy under here. It’s not overly heavy and although it’s bulky I don’t mind taking it. English weather is so  unpredictable that having a safe bet like this around just makes things easier. If you’ve ready my recent, “what I’m loving” post, you’ll know how much I’ve been loving craisins recently. Having something healthy to snack on is a bonus on a tiring afternoon if you’er flagging, or if you’re on the way home on the train. 

All of this gets in my GAP tote, I tried to feature it but it’s quite big. It’s colour blocked nude and navy with brown mock leather handles. Goes with everything and is super smart looking for the office. That’s everything I bring with me for my life as an intern. If you want to see anymore posts on my internship tweet me! @teenworkaholic or comment below! 

Xoxo LE 


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