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Last time I did a “what I’m loving post” it went down really well. So I thought I’d throw these posts into the mix every now and then to keep you updated on a few of my favourite things. It’s quite a mixture so be warned.

My ipad comes with me everyday to London, it’s my best friend on the train. Wether I’m reading (another book review on the way shortly) or watching something funny on bbc iplayer it keeps me entertained and makes the journeys fly by. My favourite way of reading on my ipad is on the Kindle app, you can buy your books straight from Amazon and they sync to your phone almost immediately. Amazon has a great selection of books and there’s loads of good freebies on there as well as the latest titles. What I’ve been doing lots of is downloading the samples to see if I like the style of book, saves money and disappointment!

As always a couple lip products I’ve been reaching for have been the eos lipbalm one of my besties brought me back from Canada. I’ve already got 2 of these and personally they live up to the hype. Very smoothing and gently nourishing they’re not super greasy which is what I love. This one is berry pomegranate which smells divine! Plus the rounded shape of the balm glides across your lips so nicely it is genuinely one of those products that’s a joy to use. 

My second lip product is the Stila lip glazes. I’ve been a fan of these glosses for a long time and own about 8 now. They’re the perfect gloss, not sticky but beautifully shiny and softening. The one I’ve been reaching for is in Joy which is a subtle coral, peach.  This has a silver glitter running through it that really picks up the light.

I’m sure by now you’ll know that I’m working at a marketing placement in London. That means I’m often at my desk for hours on end and need a snack to get by. Being a good girl I try to go for the healthier option, I’ve been obsessed with craisins! They’re basically dried cranberries (pretty sure that’s obvious) but they’re sweet, not that moreish and fill a hole if I’m hungry. They’re a winner all round and I can see myself reaching for them for the foreseeable future.

If you follow me on Twitter (and you all really should) you’ll have heard me complaining about what London has done to my hair. Greasy at the root and dry at the ends my poor hair isn’t taking well to all the London pollution. A product I’ve found helps combat that is this Got 2 Be “All Star” 10 in 1. This is a lightweight cream/serum I smooth into my hair before blow-drying. It adds moisture and shine without being heavy or sticky. Frizz is at bay and my hair stays manageable all day. An angel of the hair care world.

So there’s all my current loves, knowing me this time next week it’ll be completely different – stay tuned for that!


Xoxo LE


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