All weekend I’ve been in bed with a horrendous virus/cold/flu and when I woke up on Sunday morning I was done with feeling icky and needed a shower and some pampering. When I’m ill it really effects my skin and Sunday was no different. I was broken out, I had red-ness everywhere and I’m not going to even get into my blackheads…long story short it wasn’t pretty and I knew I needed a skin-tervention ASAP. So I thought I’d share with you my process for a skin SOS. 

Angels of Bare skin cleanser

from Lush that’s a thick paste consistency, this is a lovely gentle exfoliator that really gets all the dirt out your skin and buffs away dead skin cells to reveal beautiful glowing skin. I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my acne scars since using this, my only concern is that it can be a little messy to use and that’s why I’ve started using it in the shower. It’s completely natural and contains amazing ingredients for your skin such as kaolin to absorb grease and oil, lavender to sooth and calm and almonds to help brighten and even your skin tone. Overall a really lovely, product for stressed out skin. 

STEP 2 –


I’m a long term lover of Clinique skincare and I used the anti-blemish 3 step skincare system for years. Although I don’t use it now, I’m still loyal to the

clarifying lotion.

This is a strong and ingredient packed product that really pulls dirt out of my pores and leaves my skin feeling cleaner and more fresh. This also works as a mild exfoliator removing excess oil. You can visibly see dirt being pulled from your skin on the cotton pad, and personally I’m all about skincare that gives me instant results. 

STEP 3 –


Although I don’t suffer with acne like I used to, my skin is still prone to regular breakouts and this weekend was certainly no exception. My faveourite product for spots is the “

Clean and Clear persa gel 10″ medicated spot cream

. This contains 10% benzoyl peroxide which is a well known acne fighting ingredient, however it’s not available for purchase over the counter here in the UK, it has to be prescribed by a doctor. I was prescribed this years ago but because my acne was so severe at the time I saw no difference. When I went to America a couple years ago I discovered it in Target for only $5 so purchased some to bring home. Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t a standard spot treatment, it’s very strong and works by drying out the skin, including the horrible sebum that’s creating acne. I would not recommend using this as an all over treatment but I use it to spot treat certain problem areas. This works really well for me and I find that my skin reacts well to this certain ingredient. I’m planning an entire post on my acne story and how I cleared up my skin that will be posted soon. 

STEP 4 –


Another Lush product, the

“Full of Grace” serum bar

is a new product to me and I’ve only tried it a handful of times, but already very impressed. The idea is to warm it in your hands and then smooth the product on your skin, it feels very hydrating. As per usual with Lush it has some great ingredients, portobello mushroom to protect and condition the skin, and calamine powder which is amazing for soothing irritated skin. A little goes a long way with this product and I highly recommend focusing on the central areas of your face and smoothing it out. 

STEP 5 – 


Surprise surprise I moisturized with my faveourite

Soap and Glory “Night and Flight Beauty Sleep Accelerator”


It smells like peaches, has the combination of something between a cream and a gel , but it packs one hell of a moisture punch. The first time I tried this I was blown away, it even proved it’s worth on the 9 hour flight I took to Florida in Feb! My skin looked plump and glowy stepping off the plane, isn’t that what we all crave?  This was perfect at locking in all those products and adding some much needed moisture into my skin. This continues to be one of my all-star products 

STEP 6 –


So after loading my face up with all those products I wanted something light to refresh my skin. I reached for the

Lush “Eau Roma” toner water

, a couple light mists of this and I was good to go! It settled in with all my products and really brightened my complexion. 

What’s your Skincare SOS essentials? 


Xoxo TW 


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