Making summer count

I look forward to summer more than any other season, after the long months of winter some sunshine is very welcome. Some of us get a little time off, and everyone just seems to slow down in summer. When I found out I had nearly 5 months off for summer I knew I had to do something to make it count. So I’m working at my internship to gain some valuable experience but that’s not the only option. Today I wanted to think about ways of making your summer count.

As a student working is obviously one of the biggest parts of summer, earning money to take back go uni with you in the Autumn. That doesn’t have to mean waiting tables or doing long shifts. Having the Internet on our side means we can always work for ourselves. Start a blog! Sell things online, complete online surveys ,there are endless ways to work for yourself. The beauty of picking your own hours, making your own money is that you’ll gain some great entrepreneurial skills at the same time.

Set yourself a goal, whether it be to read all the books on your Amazon wishlist ,or be able to run a 5K! setting yourself a personal goal and working towards it can be so rewarding and you’ll enjoy yourself at the same time, even more if you can get your friends involved!

This summer push yourself, challenge your boundaries and see where it takes you. 

A short post today but I hope I’ve inspired some of you to get out there and make use of your time the best way you know how! 

Xoxo LE


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