Book Review – The Girl on the Train

This was THE buzzed about book this year with critics, writers and readers all singing it’s praises calling it the next “Gone Girl” (big boots to fill). So I gave it a read and thought I’d share my own view on it.

The story is set on a street near London, that backs onto train tracks. It’s the story of 3 women and how they all link through a common cause. Seems pretty basic, but when one of them goes missing it calls a lot of things into  question. I think the biggest struggle these women face are each other and the fear of the competition, a common issue with modern women. 

These women are three things, the wife/ex mistress, the ex wife and the current mistress. The character I felt the most for was Rachel, she wanted the picture perfect life and when she was told she couldn’t have it, it drove her to alcoholism and depression. To watch her ex husband have everything she ever wanted with someone else must be the most heartbreaking thing. Her pain is really well illustrated and although she does horrible things and you want to not take her side I personally couldn’t help but favour her throughout the book.

I found Annas chapters the most interesting, she was the mistress and now she’s the wife with the picture perfect life Rachel always wanted and she’s not sorry for it. She gives a speech half way through almost justifying herself, that she never felt bad about being a mistress that she enjoyed the control she had over men. As someone who couldn’t cheat on a game of snap I found this a really interesting perspective, because despite favouring Rachel throughout I couldn’t blame Anna for anything, I felt no distaste towards her character.

The prose jumps between the 3 womens perspectives and although at first it’s confusing, I beg you to read on as it becomes clearer and all their lives seem to her entwined themselves in a way you can’t predict. 

This domestic thriller has all the right components to a an amazing page turner, I did enjoy every page and finished it in a couple days. However the hype that made me pick it up left me feeling a little “meh” when I put it down. A great book spoiled by the hype that leads it up to be something it’s not. Promised as a Gone Girl type this should have gotten praise on it’s own. Definitely a book to be read and to make your own mind up on.

As for the storyline itself, it’s a rollarcoaster but not in the conventional way. After the first couple chapters I was hooked, but then it died down and this was repeated in the second half. I found at points it to be a little too detailed with no action, but when it gets going it’s phenomenal. Brilliant plot twists, great breath holding moments and satisfying start to finish.

This is a great read if you want something grittier to sink your teeth into. A simular tale to Gone Girl but you’ll just have to read it and see.

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