When I asked what the dress code was for the new office and I was told smart casual, the heart sank. Smart casual is the hardest dress code I think, it’s such a grey area, are sandals acceptable? And will I look stupid if I wear a blazer? For all you working girls out there I want to share my experience on dressing for smart causal.

It’s basically about getting the balance, your outfit needs a bit of everything something smart, something to dress it down and a fun accessory. Some of my wardrobe staple are…

Black trousers –

A well cut pair of black work trousers are an essential in anyone’s wardrobe. They go with everything can be dressed up dressed down and if you purchase wisely can be so flattering.

White Oxford Shirt – Mine is a slim fit button down from Ralph Lauren and it goes with everything, perfect with jeans or those black trousers and still looks presentable with skirts too. An absolute winner.

Comfy smart shoes –

Comfort is key, working long days and especially those commutes sore feet just won’t cut it. My favourites at the minute are these gorgeous suede loafers from ASOS, look really smart and are great for dressing up casual outfits. What I love about these are that they really do support my feet which is so important for reducing aches and pains.

Casual tops and blouses –

I find that having a good selection of fun tops and blouses makes it so much easier to put outfits together. I personally like to keep the bottoms more simple and keep patterns and bright colours for on top. Light and thin layers are definitely the way to go in the summer especially when you’re not just in the office, I run errands and do jobs out the office so having layers is so helpful to keeping comfortable with the unpredictable English weather.

When I put together my outfits I tend to pick the basics like a white shirt or black trousers and then either dress up or dress down and go from there. If my outfit is super smart I’ll throw on a scarf or a pair of sandals and vice versa, if I’m having a jeans day I’ll make sure to pick a blouse and my loafers so I still look put together.

Anyone else feel my pain with smart casual dress codes?!


Xoxo LE


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  1. August 26, 2018 / 5:26 pm

    Smart casual is so difficult as it can vary from dark skinny jeans to a shirt and fitted cigarette trousers… far too confusing.

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