Happy weekend to you all! Today I’m going to be filling you in on what I’ve been loving recently, from beauty to food to random bits I’m going to give you all the gossip on what I’ve been loving.

As you all probably know by now I’ve started my internship recently and it’s meant very early mornings and late nights.

 To keep my skin looking glowy and energized I’ve been using my Elemis Flash balm under my makeup in the mornings and it not only keeps my skin feeling soft and well nourished but it really does perk up my complexion. A winner for me since everyday is a 14 hour work day and I’m sure you London girls will back me up when I say that pollution can reek havoc on your skin so this has been perfect for combating that.

Another beauty item are these Superdrug deep action oil blotting papers, the weather is very muggy at the moment and with me constantly running around the office or after trains I get super oily and shiny. These are great for making me all matte and lovely and they’re super discreet so I can use them whilst I’m at my desk without looking like I’m sorting my makeup (London women never seem to touch up their makeup but always look flawless – I need their secrets)

These bargain beauties from ASOS have been my obsession this month. Having lusted for a couple months they recently went in the sale, and I had a £10 Covet Me voucher lurking in my inbox so I got these suede loafers for only £12 down from £32. A steal in anyone’s books because these are some of the nicest made shoes I’ve ever owned and although they’re not the comfiest (yet) they look great with everything. A wardrobe investment that has truly stolen my heart.

A random favourite is the new Suicide Squad trailer, working in film I was involved in the release of this and I seriously can’t stop watching it. I’ve never been a DC fan but this trailer alone makes me want to know more. All I know is that Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn has to be some of the finest acting I’ve seen in a while and the casting director should be very proud. She completely steals tge show in the trailer and its only 3 minutes long! Although it’s not out till 2016 I have no doubt it’s going to be worth the wait.

What are you loving? Anyone looking forward to the movie? 

Xoxo LE  


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