Long time no blog, I know I’ve been the worst recently just after I was getting back on track but if you follow me on any of my platforms you’ll know I’ve recently started working for an entertainment marketing company in London. To fill you in a little I’m absolutely loving it, super busy ,super full on but I’m learning so much and all the people are amazing! I thought I’d do a post today on what I’ve learnt from week 1. Since we’re now called “The Intern Diaries” it only seems appropriate to talk to you about my life as an intern so far. 

Well for starters I’m writing this on my phone on the train home, so that might tell you something about the amount of free time I’ve got right now. *note- zero*

The first thing I learnt is that every office is different. You’ll soon learn the patterns of your environment, my office is quite chilled out ,you’re free to make tea and coffee when you please, take lunch when it fits and work your own schedule. (near enough) So I’ve learnt to be very proactive in what I’m doing and found that I got on better with people because of it.

On the topic of being proactive, asking for work is a huge thing. It’s something I naturally do because I like to be busy but if that’s not you and you feel shy to ask then I’d suggest using email or messenger if you’re office uses that. Ask for work. Be helpful and you’ll find that the harder you work the more respect you get and the more you learn, not just about what you’re doing but about the company and the people you work with. 

Your notebook is your best friend. Seriously. I have two notebooks, one for research notes for stuff I’m working on that can be as scruffy as it likes. Then a smarter notebook to take to meetings,  meet and greets (i’ll get on to those) and to keep a diary of my day. Write everything down, you’re not a machine, you will forget stuff and it’s important you keep a record of what you’ve been doing for future reference and for updating your CV later.

Internships are an amazing opportunity to meet people, a great tool is LinkedIn. If you don’t have it, I’d seriously recommend it. I’ve been adding everyone I’ve met this last week and I do it right after I’ve met them so I’m fresh in their mind. This is great for after you’ve left the company and are looking to get back into the industry at a later date. 

I could honestly go on forever but I’m going to split it out across the next couple months. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on what I’m up to and I want to hear about yours! If you’re in a professional internship/placement right now let me know in the comments!

Take care! 


Xoxo Le


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